Monday, May 04, 2009

The Finished Hutch

Not in the mood to blog this morning. Appreciate that it was a long weekend, and am so not looking forward to these 5 day weeks again :( Still not in a very happy place right now tho.

The plus-est side of my weekend was Varen & I building the levels for the bunny hutch on Friday. Is so completely awesome, I am thrilled :) On top of that, all three are now bonded (since Friday, it's so happy!).

Also got to see my cousin who was up Dragon Boating again :) Went to a wedding, watched some movies at home and had breakfast with @jarredcinman. Oh and started varnishing all the hutch-levels (so sadly the boons are living with just the ground floor right now as I wait for the varnish to dry in our recent overcast weather.

Am hoping I'll be out of this funk and back to normal soon.

1 comment:

Tamara said...

Sorry to hear you're in a crap space atm. Hope you feel better soon.

It's a kick-ass hutch, btw.

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