Friday, June 19, 2009

Bunny Courting Video

Am feeling a little better today ... that's the problem with the "fog", it comes and goes. But for now I am content that it is ebbing away. Varen & I are off for the weekend with BrotherSwoop and his girlf, should be good fun :) My Canadian visa is being processed ... which (I hope) is a good sign as it means all the paperwork I submitted was accepted. I'm hoping that since they accepted the paperwork, there shouldn't be a reason why I wouldn't get the visa. So hopefully I'll know later today or Monday.

In the mean time tho, I finally got a little video clip of Rex courting Lily (by circling her he's saying he really likes her ... she is, as usual, not very impressed and tries to get away from him - haha!). The video's not very good because I stayed a bit far away from them, usually if I go closer with the camera they'll stop playing and come over to investigate me. Also, it's the first video I've taken with my Blackberry. You can see how big Rex is now, from the tiny little runt we adopted. Although he's 2 months younger than Lily, he weighs the same as her (they're both 1.6 kgs) - I got them weighed when we were at the vet's on Monday. I wanted to be sure when we "panacur them up" we're giving them the right dosages. Turns out we were under-estimating by half a kilo!

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The Jackson Files said...

that is totally adorable. and kind of reminds me of human courtship as well!

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