Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Eating Alone

I spent another night home alone last night while Varen worked late :( Hopefully that was the last of it for a while tho. So, I decided to make Fish Bobotie in Poppadum Cups for dinner. It worked out really well :) I got the recipe out of the June Fresh Living mag (page 87, if you're interested?). Am quite unimpressed with PnP actually, now that I look around online trying to find a website for Fresh Living ... or even more than just an animated gif advert on their own site. Such a pity, it really is my favourite magazine these days!

Anyway, It was a lot easier than I thought and the Poppadum cups worked out so nicely :) They make such a cute little meal. Although it wasn't so great eating "a meal that turned out so well I needed to brag a little" on my own tho ... so I phoned my mom :)

Exciting life I lead, hey? Well, at least it's giving me plenty of time to laze in the bath and read Breaking Dawn!


ExMi said...


am wishing for some alone time myself.

time to laze in the bath and read books. sounds awesome.

enjoy it. and don't breed.

Tamara said...

Yay - so glad you tried this recipe. I looked at it and wondered if if was worth the effort. I think I'll make it on Thursday evening.

I am impressed with how prettily yours turned out, if that helps at all? ;-)

I think PnP is missing out on a HUGE opportunity by not having a nice Fresh Living web platform.

Anonymous said...

Those look super yummy! :) And I totally do that. If something exciting happens and no one is around I call my mom. ha

Alfie said...

Well whats better than being alone with a good book. I just love it. Your dinner looks delish. You go girl.

Anonymous said...

oh yum those look soooooo good! i saw your twitpic and was drooling.
you know, the alone thing is so weird because sometimes i have too much of it and sometimes too little!

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