Thursday, June 04, 2009

Lucky Me

Seriously, how can it not be Friday yet? Sigh. You'd think after a month I'd be better prepared for these 5day week. Well I'm not. And to make matters worse I momentarily thought that it was Friday when my alarm went off this morning. Trust me, that makes the realisation that it's *only* Thursday a lot worse!

At least things were back to normal at home last night. It was a lovely night. Varen came home and got stuck into making dinner. He made Melanzane, which is one of my fav's and he usually hates Aubergines - so quite amazing! And Cheese & Onion bread. It was delish and I can't wait to have more of the bread with my tomato soup at lunch today. I'm amazed at how fab he is at baking, and how much he seems to enjoy it. So while he cooked us up a storm I went and lazed in the bath. (How spoilt am I?) Seriously folks, I'm now down to the last 50 pages in the last (for now, I hear there's a 5th coming?) Twilight book ... I'm amazed I managed to turn off my light and will myself to sleep at a reasonable hour last night!

And then while we ate we watched more 24. Shoowhee but there was such a twist I didn't see coming!

Other than that, not much news. I've pretty much decided on which Polar Bear trip I'm doing ... not my first choice, but in the end they all offer very similar trips and excursions that it really came down to price. So it looks like I'll be doing The 7-Day Polar Bear Experience Tour with The Great Canadian Travel Company. I'm just waiting for flight info and then I'll be applying for my visa. I was thrilled to discover Visas Zone yesterday, which offers a far better rate (R350 compared to R513) than MDS Visa which we used last year. And our planning for Zanzibar is also going well, it's now just down to price ... unfortunately I don't think Varen's budget can stretch from 7days - 10days. Which is sad, but I think will be fine since we're both using our leave elsewhere on other trips. I think even a mere 7 days on a beautiful beach with some scuba diving and Robinson Crusoe-style living will be fabulous :)

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Tamara said...

So nice to enjoy a home-cooked meal you didn't have to prepare yourself! I am very jealous of the cheese and onion bread.

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