Friday, June 05, 2009

[Insert Appropriate Title Here]

Hmmm, weird. I don't have anything to say today really. We had a bit of a nothing night last night with Varen "studying" (which meant watching 24 with me with his book on his lap) last night. But I did finish the last Twilight book :) Oh, and we have finally chosen our Zanzibar tour option and are just waiting to hear about availability on our preferred dates.

I also found what looks like an even better Polar Bear trip (it's longer and includes a train trip for roughly the same price). While looking for the October Weather in Churchill, would you believe. What luck! Dammit, I wish people would hurry up and mail me back. I really want to apply for my visa next week ... and I know I'm not booking anything before I apply, but I would sorta like to apply with my intended trip & flight dates, in case they somehow limit the visa - can you tell visa applications make me skeptical & paranoid ;) Oh, and thanks to @Travelstart, who has been very helpful on Twitter.

Aside from that, I'm thrilled that it's Friday and we're off to see John Vlismas's show tomorrow night. Love him!


The Jackson Files said...

i love 24 so much that sometimes I actually dream about Jack Bauer. sigh.

Tamara said...

Weekend weekend weekend!!!


Damaria Senne said...

Did you enjoy Twilight? I fell in love with Edward, and started reading the whole series. enjoyed most of the books, and recommend them highly.

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