Monday, June 15, 2009

Mostly Friday

Okay, I think that this will be one of my shortest weekend posts ever. The really fun stuff all happened on Friday :)

I managed to get all I needed for my Canadian Visa Application (thanks a brazillion to Travelstart who let me book a flight and then cancel it after I received the email confirmation - finger's crossed that's sufficient for the visa folks) and hand in the application on Friday. Hopefully it'll all be in order and I can get it back on Wednesday :) Hopefully. As I've said before, visa applications make me irrationally nervous ... they have the weirdest requirements that I'm never sure if I've met sufficiently. Which is also why I use a visa courier company ... Can you imagine going all the way there only to find out that all the masses of paperwork you've spent a week getting together is insufficient. I tell you, I for one will not be shocked when they require a vial of blood for dna to go along with a visa application. It's about all they aren't asking for these days :P

Then after work I headed off to Livng Health at Living Yoga for my 2hr Ayurvedic treatment (a birthday gift). Wow, it is quite different to a usual massage etc. I started having my feet washed and then moved on to a 4-handed massage (that is brilliant! And I couldn't believe how in-tandem the two girls were, impressive stuff folks). After that I jumped into a steam box for a while, it's nothing like a sauna. And then had oil drizzled onto my forehead (which was the least impressive experience of the afternoon for me). All in all, a brilliant package. But, if you were only going to pick one experience, I would highly recommend their 4-handed massage :)

On Saturday we were up early to head to the farm. I used to love going to the farm, but the 3hour drive there just no longer seems worth it for a 2 night (or in this case, a 1-night) weekend anymore. Anyway, we went and it was freezing. I spent most of my time outside reading my book making sure the bunnies had sufficient run-around time after their car-ride (which they really don't like that much). Lily and Rex are being very weird. She's nipping at him and trying to mount him (I think trying to dominate him so that he leaves her alone!). And he ended up with a sore front leg ... it seems better now (he's using the foot again), but I still might take him off to the vet for a look later. And then 27hours later, we climbed back into the car and drove all the way back :P

And now, I'm at work trying to make it thru the day so that I can have an "admin" day tomorrow when I should be relaxing and doing nothing because we didn't get any of the shopping etc. done on the weekend. Sigh. Sometimes I hate responsibility.

Oops and I forgot to mention that (also on Friday, see it turned out to be a great day!), I bought my boots ... just in time for the farm :) Am desperately trying not to buy Canada-trip related stuff before my visa is approved and I have booked the flights and paid the trip deposit, but with an impending weekend on the farm, I just couldn't resist buying these boots now :)

On the truly bizarre side of things, I bought them in Sandton (since I was there to drop off my visa application). At Sandton (and on their website) they were priced at one price and at Cresta & Clearwater, they were priced R200 cheaper! Now it's just a simple printed price below the boot shelf, and probably when it got scanned it'd be the same, but it seems pretty un professional to me. And sadly I couldn't a) prove that it was marked lower elsewhere or b) wait to go to another branch cause of my Ayurvedic treatment and leaving for the farm at 6am on Saturday morning ... so I ended up paying the higher price. I am still not feeling thrilled by this. Definitely a Cape Union Mart fail in my opinion.


AngelConradie said...

yay! visa application sorted!
that is a looong way to go for a weekend...

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, maybe you should take your receipt to one of the stores where it's marked at the lower price and demand a refund for the difference?

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