Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Regular Update

Another grey day ... in Joburg, in June. I know I've only been here 5 years but I didn't think this was the way Winter worked up here. I mean, it rained yesterday.

Last night was very quiet. Varen worked late again. i have no idea what time he got home, but he was there when I woke up this morning so, at least I know he did. I vegged in front of the TV with Brothers & Sisters and let the bunnies run riot in the house. They don't get to spend the evening inside too often, but since the maid changed her day to Wednesdays, Monday and Tuesday nights are a treat :) On the down side, I saw Rex humping Coal. This is a bad sign folks because I have not yet been able to locate those walnuts. Am starting to seriously wonder if separation might be the way to go for the mean time :( Will be sad because they are all so cute when they cuddle up together. But I don't want another 6 for them to cuddle up with, so it may be on the cards shortly.

I also think 4 of our adult mice escaped (so far I don't think the mom was one of them ... but it is pretty hard to tell). The babies are doing fine and peeping away, so far as I can tell.

I got some bad news this morning, the Polar Bear trip I was waiting to hear back from isn't running this year because they didn't get enough interest - I'm guessing cause their site doesn't show up on any searches I did, most people didn't find them either (plus I was annoyed at them cause their site says 10day tour but then the itinerary shows only 7days ... bad advertising, much?). Well at least it means I can move forward and get my visa for the trip I was planning before. I can feel myself stalling, just a little. It's quite a giant step here ... getting the visa, buying the plane tickets and paying for the tour. Sheesh. But today I will begin, well, maybe tomorrow?


Tamara said...

I feel like we're living in Cape Town at the moment - hectic winds and winter rain!

Sucks about that polar bear trip. It just goes to show how important a proper online presence is for businesses today!

The other one still sounds exciting though.

Louisa said...

This is definitely not a typical Joburg Winter. The rain is very out of season, that's for sure.

Good luck with the bunnies and the walnuts.

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