Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Why do ID Photos Always Suck?

Went to Book Club last night. Was lovely and at least I got to see Varen (who was home at a regular hour) before I went. The sweet boy smsed me yesterday to ask if I'd found my surprise yet ... no! He's sneaked a 3-pack of Red Lindt Balls with a sweet note into my handbag the night before (yes, after working late!). Now that's my kinda surprise!

In other news, we have the booking forms for Zanzibar, we're full steam ahead :) And I got some (hideous) ID photos taken for my Canadian Visa application (1 step at a time!). Why oh why are ID photos always awful. No, scratch that, I had one good one (thankfully it was in my first passport and ID Book, so I can never loose that!). Back in the day when they were still black and white and the actual photo was pasted into the document. Since then they've all been pretty rubbish. I think it was the move to colour, personally. And no matter what colour the photo is in, if the dude taking the photo is taller, the angle is always bad. I look like I should be holding a numbered card below my face in these pictures. But, I'll console myself with the fact that it's only for a visa. Which reminds me ... why do they only offer 6 photos these days. Who freaking needs 6 of these blasted things? (Can you tell I'm not the sort to painstakingly keep my left over ID photos till the next time I might need them?).

This morning I have brought the remaining mice to work with me, in their fish bowl. I'm going to take them to Free Me a little later (they only open at 8am). Was chatting to Lime at bookclub and she voluteers there and was telling me that mommy mice can attack and start biting their babies if they feel threatened. I do not want that happening. Plus although the babies all seemed fine last night before book club, 2 were not looking great this morning. I think they're still alive, but am beginning to wonder if we do actualyl still have the mom ... or just a very fat or pregnant other adult mouse. Or if they're getting too cold outside in this bizarre weather we're having (ordinarily they'd be underground, not under a few layers of lucerne!). So I'm hoping the folks at Free Me will have more luck and I can stop stressing about their survival. I could kick myself for not doing this on the weekend, but I really wouldn't have thought they'd take in mice. I was thrilled to hear they do tho :)

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Carina said...

They totally suck. In the old days they used professional photographers with studio lights etc. Now its just shoot and snap under harsh lights

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