Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Was There a Public Holiday?

We had a public holiday yesterday. Did we? It hardly felt that way. Varen & I had a particularly busy one, getting all the weekend admin done that we missed out on doing while away at the farm.

On Monday evening we had dinner with his mom, sister & BrotherZion at Werner's Bistro in Eastgate. It was pretty expensive, for pretty average food. And it is seriously geared towards meat. I ordered Hugarian Beef Goulash ... thinking something like a stew, with meat and veggies, right? (I have fond memories of having Goulash and Hot Chocolate for lunch while ski-ing in Austria in Dec 1997). Looking at Wikipedia, what arrived on my plate was definitely more of a Pörkölt. There were 5 pieces of meat in a brown sauce with mash on the side. It tasted quite nice tho. And they brought veggies, but there was no space on anyone's plate, especially mine because it was literally covered entirely by the sauce or mash (nor did we have side plates) to dish. I won't be heading back there on purpose but if I do, I'll definitely be having one of their Veal dishes - Varen's mom had one and it looked pretty good. The Avocado Prawn starter was pretty good, but somehow I don't think it justified a R50 price tag. And I found the dessert disappointing. I decided to try something different, their chocolate pancakes ... I was imagining something like a Nutella pancake (yummy!). Nope, these were just thick folded pancakes drowning in ye olde typical chocolate sauce (as one would expect with ice-cream) with a few very teeny nuts (who knows what kind) sprinkled on top.

Yesterday we did our week's shopping and went and browsed at the new Woodmead center. I *hate* strip-malls. It is completely infuriating to me to have to move my car in order to go to the next shop of interest. We cleaned the bunny hutch and watched some series and generally relaxed. The way a "Sunday" should be :)

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