Friday, July 10, 2009

Insurance. Who Needs It?

Varen was home latish again last night (after 7pm). He swears it's the last time for a while. I have stopped believing and just find myself hoping one day at a time now. So we went to share a Platter for 2 at Ocean Basket. I was craving it earlier in the week. But we tried a different Ocean Basket and it wasn't quite as delish as our usual one (which is in a mall, which I *hate* ... restaurants in a mall are on my list of places to avoid. Fast food in a mall is one thing, when you have to eat on the run or whatever. But an actual restaurant. Nope, not my style.).

Other than that not much was going on yesterday or if there was I've forgotten already. Oh yes, and for *the first time in my life* I have used up my entire MSA. And by mid-year. Seriously, that never happens to me. But I guess as you get older you get specialists for a lot more things. I have a Dermatologist now, gotta see the Dentist and Gynae once a year. Add to that an Ultrsound guy (and a visit to any of the above all *start* between R400 & R600!). Throw in a few visits to the regular doctor (or in my case Homeopath) and poof, it's gone. To be fair tho, I didn't sign up for a particularly large MSA to start with ... thinking I never really go to the doctor. But still. Medical Aid costs me about a brazillion dollars* a month. So that they can "save" a (very small) portion of that money and decide how it's spent (dontcha just love that?!). Which is annoying. Because I have never yet ended up in hospital requiring coverage or claiming back a cent of my investment. I wonder if I calculate how much I could've saved if I'd plowed that monthly expense into a separate bank account since I started paying it I'd depress myself? Probably. Insurance is depressing and a grudge purchase at the best of times ... but I'm too nervous to go without. I just know that if I ever didn't insure something, it'd be the one time I wished I did. No doubt whoever invented insurance was one smart money-making dude, I'm sure. But damn, I hate you to bits.

Oh, and yesterday, I took total advantage of the latest Springleap sale :) They were giving 50% off all Shirts for 24hrs. I gather from twitter that it was a huge success and they were run off their feet with sales yesterday :) The two I chose were Malicious Bear (to celebrate my upcoming October trip to see the Polar Bears!) and e Sempowenis (because I think it is the funniest design ever, although I don't enjoy The Simpsons, I think the SA spin on them is so cool! And I've wanted one since I first saw it ... but it was always sold out before now)

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Unknown said...

Nice t-shirt choices. Can't wait to get mine

JimMark31 said...

heya - Eric from springleap here. great choice on Tshirts. now to get them to you ASAP.

EranEyal said...

Just saw on Twitter that you got your order today that you placed yesterday with

Glad to hear it!

Hope you are loving your tees!

Tamara said...

Oooh... dig the bear shirt.

I hear you on med aid / insurance. But I must admit, we were glad to have it when TSC had to have his eye op.

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