Friday, August 21, 2009

Bunny Personalities

Last night I took Varen to Yamada Sushi in Rivonia to try it out (after @saulkza & I tried it 2 weeks ago at lunch). I think this may become our new favourite sushi spot :)

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In other news, a quick bunny update. It's weird how their personalities are changing. My friend The Bunny Farmer never thought I'd stick with 3 rabbits as she said two would bond better with each other leaving a lonely third, which I'd feel sorry for and end up getting a fourth. I don't think it'll happen. Lily has occasionally tugged at my heart strings but I've spent enough time watching them all to know that I think she prefers a little more alone time than the others. And she is definitely far more bonded with Coal than Rex. It's when Coal is spending time with Rex that Lily heads off to do her own thing. And Coal spends plenty of time with both of them. And often enough all three are cuddled up together for me not to worry.

Coal has become a strange girl lately. She doesn't seem to be as affectionate or interested in human contact as she was when she was younger. She definitely seems protective of Rex too. Rex on the other hand is as affectionate and attention-hungry as ever. He's such a cutey and will happily sit munching grass next to me as I stroke his soft fur and tickle him behind the ears. And Lily has certainly grown into quite the little lady. She's a lot better with human contact now than she used to be (or maybe it's just contact from me). In the last week, Lily has been "playing" with me even :) It's a game Coal used to play with me and chase the others off during. Lily's not so aggressive but such a cutey to watch. Basically I sit on the grass on my knees and elbows, making a cave under my body for her. Which she inspects and runs in and out. Okay, so perhaps not the most exciting game, like throwing a ball for a dog, but she's oh so cute when she head-butts me to try and demand more space :) She's such a cutey and I'm loving the interaction with her for a change. She's by far the littlest of the lot now. Last week I had Rex weighed at the vet and he's over 2kgs already.


Tamara said...

I could happily spend six hours playing with my cats and a piece of string ;-)

People who don't have pets just don't get how much personality each animal has.

AngelConradie said...

Wow, 2kg!

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