Monday, August 24, 2009

How Many Twits at a Tweetup?

Hmm, was that the weekend? They seem to fly by these days ... actually so do the weeks. Anyone else noticing that?

So Friday evening started with Rex's vet checkup. We stopped the Vigamox on Sunday evening (had been using it since the Tuesday before) to make sure that his eye stayed healed and improved. By Wednesday I was already wondering if it had. And then about half an hour before we were going to the vet, he buggered up his foot again. He was sitting by the gate and I think the next door dog snuck up to their gate and gave him a fright. Which meant he ran off at top speed and seemed to hurt his almost healed foot :P Silly bunny.

So yeah, I was right about his eye. The ulcer (thankfully) isn't back, but the red mark is back and red as ever :( We have an appointment at the Animal Eye Hospital on Tuesday :(

On Saturday after gym I went to visit Arkwife and Arkbaby with Louisa and Ruby Letters. What a lovely day we had, ooh-inh and ah-ing over teeny little Arkbaby, who has the fullest head of hair on any baby I've seen :) She was so well behaved and such a little darling. And it was just lovely to catch-up with these fabulous girls in real life for a change. Honestly, I had such a lovely day with them. I thought I'd be home around 13h30-ish and left Varen "studying" (instead read "reading"). Instead I was home closer to 16h30, the time just flew by. We ate so much and laughed and just generally caught-up. It was just what I needed :)

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And during the course of the day, I got an invite to dinner from YogaCherryl and @jarredcinman. So it turned out to be a pretty busy day because just before 6pm we headed off for a pre-dinner glass of wine at their (soon-to-be ex-) house. And then off to Shayona somewhere near the Oriental Plaza (do not ask me where!) where we met up with @jameshappe and another friend of theirs (a very interesting French guy out here working on the Gautrain). It's a fully vegetarian, non-alcoholic restaurant (hence the pre-dinner glass of wine at their place ;) ). And we tried their Thali's ... or rather their "Deluxe Lunch". Wow, what a lot of food. I don't think any of us finished our meals. There were samoosas and other Indian "bites" to start with followed by and entire tray of little dishes. Thank goodness they came with some kind of "sweet dessert" cause I ended up alternating mouthfuls when my tongue got too burny from the curry. I would also recommend accompanying your meal with a sweet lassi :)

The food was pretty good (still, I am a creature of habit and would probably still pick a chicken makhni over little vegetarian dishes any day ;) ) but the decor is very dull, almost like a standard Chinese restaurant except without all the red fans and Chinese-paraphernalia. For me, the food has to be spectacular if you're gonna completely skip decor in a restaurant ... unless it's a take-out place, of course. Anyway, still a fun night out with friends :)

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Sunday was far more lazy and Varen & I started off with breakfast at The Lifestyle Garden Center because one of the shops there stocks his all time favourite closest-he-can-get-to-IBC Rootbeer, which I think might've made his whole day :) And then we did some grocery shopping and some other general stuff before relaxing at home for the afternoon. Varen made us some delish chocolate mint muffins (I didn't pick the flavour! But they turned out nicely). Later he went to watch G.I. Joe. I didn't go, I stayed home, it just really didn't appeal to me.


Louisa said...

I had a lot of fun on Saturday too - thanks for coming up with the idea! :-)

By the sounds of it the rest of your weekend was pretty busy too.

Hope your bunny's eye gets sorted out on Tuesday.

Tamara said...

So jealous you got to meet Arkbaby!

hope Rex's eye gets sorted out soon, poor bunny boy.

Ruby said...

Yeah, it was awesome to catch up with you again too:) We really should do ti more often! Hope the doc can sort out Rex's eye!

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