Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Mundane

I've made a decision. I might change it, I did make it while feeling quite depressed and lonely last night. But I have decided I'm not going to blog every (week) day anymore. I mean, hopefully I'll be blogging *almost* every day, but I've decided not to blog when there's nothing to tell. It just reminds me about the mundane. Which I definitely do not need reminding about.

Last night I was back to unexpectedly home alone. Now I don't mind being home alone, I've said it before. I just like to know in advance so I can plan my evening / meal / possible entertainment better. Last night I found out at around 6pm that Varen would be leaving work around 8 at the earliest. It was already dark, the boons were packed away in the hutch. I hadn't yet started dinner and found myself seriously lacking the energy. I also wasn't in the mood to watch anything. So I headed to bed at about 18h30 last night and read my book. I got up a bit later to heat up some soup for dinner and went and had a hot bath and then it was back to bed. I think I may be a hermit. I just wasn't in a very good place last night, bed provided a safe haven :)

This morning, at least, things seem a little bit better. I think that as much as I can make giant long-term plans for my life (travel, marriage, babies, my house etc.), what I really need is to figure out what I want from the mundane day-to-day bits, those are the bits that challenge me. Unfortunately I don't actually know how to figure this out tho ... anyway.

Also woke up not feeling all that great :( The weather seems to have turned back to chilly, which I kindof like clothes-wise. Nothing better than layering up :) The hard part is getting up and out of bed on time!


Tamara said...

Bed is my refuge too.

And I totally get you - if I know I'm going to be on my own, I plan all the stuff I'll do, whether it's spoil myself with a DVD TSC wouldn't watch with me and a bubble bath or finishing off a craft project. But if I end up on my own unexpectedly, I don't have the same motivation. I'd probably head to bed too, with a mug of Milo for supper.

AngelConradie said...

I woke up with a sore throat this morning! I couldn't believe it!
I also like knowing I'll be alone for an evening, but it also doesn't worry me if its a surprise. There's always something on the PVR and I have lots of wedding planning to do... over and above blog reading and writing!

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