Thursday, August 06, 2009

Occupying Myself

Had such a lovely afternoon at home with the boons yesterday ... although Lily is annoying Coal & Rex by trying to constantly mount them (I think perhaps she's in heat or something? Or she's decided to try and upset the order of hierarchy in the hutch).

And after the comments on yesterday's post, I realised that I hadn't posted a photo of them in a while. So I took some. Usually I let them run free between 4pm and sunset (roughly 6pm these days) and then head off to gym (tricky to do after you're home and have relaxed for 2 hours ... but I prefer allowing my boons longer outside time, it;s all about priorities :) ). Sometimes it's easy to round them up and herd them back into the hutch, sometimes it's not and you have to catch each one individually. Sometimes, like last night, they will have hutched themselves ... providing a great opportunity for some photos :)

And then I spent the evening pretending Varen had already left for the Fish River Canyon (he's actually off early on Sunday morning) ... because he had to work late. On of those typical crisis where he's the only one who can fix something and it's gotta be done ... or his leave may be canceled. I think he got home at around 23h00 last night ... and no, it wasn't done yet :P So no doubt he'll be working late again tonight. Am marginally annoyed that I'm not really getting any decent quality time with him before he leaves, but I understand, he's gotta get this done.

So I phoned my gran to check on her post-hip-op progress and got distracted along the way with old Family Stories :) And Mom arrives this evening. I can't wait!


Tamara said...

Awesome about your mom arriving!

And, as always, love the pics of your gorgeous boons.

AngelConradie said...

Love boon pics! They are so kayoot!
So nice to have had your mom visit for a while!

Anonymous said...

I love your baby's they are just tooo cute. What breeds are they?

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