Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Yawn. Am so tired this morning because I only got home from Book Club around 11pm last night ... to find Varen up watching Dark Knight. Me, when he's not home, I go to bed at my usual bedtime and follow my same-old routine (because it's the only way I can wake up at 6am) ... not him. Some people are just wired differently. And then I went up to bed and he stayed watching. I was so annoyed ... even when he's home before me I don't get to cuddle in bed with him :P But then he came up just after I put the light out which was such a sweet surprise ... since I *know* the movie wasn't finished yet!

Book Club was good. Lovely to have a night out with the girls. I dunno why but it feels like absolute ages since the last one! Yawn. Am really just too tired to type sense right now.

Ps. Have been a touch worried about Lily lately. She always seems to be on her own while Rex & Coal are cuddled together. Shock, Horror, I found myself wondering if perhaps a playmate for her, a fourth bunny, might not be a good idea ... luckily I was able to squash that idea with scenes from last night & this morning. All three of them lying like sausages next to each other in one of the boxes. They're so so cute when they're all cuddled up together :) Makes my heart melt!


boldly benny said...

Oh how cute, I'd love to see three little buns cuddling together - cuteness cubed :)

Tamara said...

Pets are the bestest ;-)

My cats NEVER cuddle together unless we're not there to cuddle with. We often find them snuggling on the couch if we've been out for the night.

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