Tuesday, August 04, 2009

What Makes Us Remember a Dream?

Yawn. I had one of those nights where I feel like I didn't sleep. Although I probably did ... I just had raging dreams. Again. Seriously folks, what do you think it is that makes one remember their dreams? Do you think it's something I've been eating? Because I'm not kidding when I say that before 2009 my dream remembering was at a bare minimum. Like a rare event. Now it's practically weekly if not more! It is surreal. The topic for the last 2 nights has been family. First I dreamed my Gran (on Mom's side) was living in her car (there was a bunch of other stuff too, but that's the thing that's stuck with me since I woke up and the dream floated away). And last night (in my dream) I ended up at a big family reunion with Daddio's aunts ... who are the greatest of fun! Seriously, one of my best memories of them is from an evening spent around a kitchen table with a bottle of wine (or some other alcohol), while we were up for my Gran's (on Dad's side) funeral in 2001, with two of her sisters, Daddio and his youngest brother talking up a storm, listening to them reminisce about their childhood and still arguing like sisters - haha! The best stories in my opinion are family memories. I wish I could have recorded them all!

Anyhoo, my guess is that one particularly is because of all the family-tree-ing I've been up to lately!

Otherwise last night was quiet. I made dinner and then Varen watched Burn After Reading while I got my geneaology on ;) The boons are all good. Although for some reason Coal was really miffed with me yesterday from the moment I arrived home. She wouldn't come out of the hutch for ages, and wouldn't take basil from me (although she'd eat it if I dropped it in front of her and left her - this is weird cause usually they're climbing all over me to get to it!). And I've noticed Rex has hurt his eye. Varen thinks it's just a burst blood vessel, in the brown part (his iris), which apparently is okay (because Varen has done this himself and asked an optometrist). But I'm still not thrilled about it.

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Tamara said...

My one cat gets moody with me sometimes too. but usually within a few hours she's back to climbing on top of my laptop when I try to work ;-)

Soz about Rex's eye! Hope that gets better soon.

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