Monday, September 28, 2009

Hello, I'm Back

Sigh. I'm back. I'm back and I'm feeling very refreshed and happy with life ... a far cry from just before I left and I think the week away did me the world of good. It was certainly also good for Varen & my relationship since we finally got to reconnect and spend some quality time together again. It's good to be reminded of why you're with someone and put up with all the day-to-day nonsense. Here's hoping the day-to-day nonsense doesn't rear it's ugly head too soon tho! Haha.

So we arrived back on Saturday afternoon. I must tell you again how much I am loving the new and improved International arrivals area, passport control is such a breeze these days, something we can really be proud of I think, definitely up to world class standards in my opinion!

We didn't do much but unpack, play with the bunnies (Coal was very protective over me and wouldn't leave me alone and kept nipping the other two when they tried to come near me!! Funny thing) and catch up with our lives online.

Sunday was equally relaxed and we did the usual grocery shopping (since the fridge was practically bare when we got home!) and went to watch The Taking of Pelham 123.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, it was just what we needed :) I think it was filmed superbly and John Travolta is awesome in this role! Denzel, however, looks like he's packing on the pounds. Still, I'd definitely recommend seeing it, even if the ending falls a little short.

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Other than that I got my holiday pics downloaded and my holiday blog-posts written (a relief to have them out of the way and they'll be published one a day as usual ... sadly Blogger seems to have farked up the scheduled posts feature :P It is *very* annoying). I must say it's awesome to have a day at home just getting back into the swing of real life after a holiday before going back to work ... I think I will have to plan it like this always in future!

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Tamara said...

Welcome back! So glad you're feeling refreshed. Looking forward to the pics and posts.

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