Friday, September 18, 2009

And Away We Go!

Okay, in spite of yesterday's post, I must admit that I am full of anticipation for my holiday this morning. Although the horror at realising as I hit snooze on my alarm button before 6am this morning that that time tomorrow I'd already be at the airport was not a comforting thought ...

Yesterday was a dreadful work day and I truly wish I could've had today off just to relax and get into the holiday spirit, but it's not to be so here I am at work ... planning to take it easy and not get ruffled. As much as I generally love this place, boy do I need a break!

Yesterday Roby Dog was asking what happens to our darling Boons while we're away so I thought I'd appease all your minds and let you know that BrotherZion will be house sitting for us and ensuring my plants get watered, the bunnies get fed and allowed to run around the garden and that the fish get fed too. I will say that we are very lucky to have him around to do this for us ... I'm already worrying about the Christmas holidays and need to find some kind of bunny-sitter for when we head down to Cape Town then!

And I *definitely* miss my bunnies while I'm away. But this will only be a week, not like the 3 weeks I was gone from Bell & Henna ... so I think I'll manage ;)

So with all that I bid you adieu and I'll see you again on the 28th :) Here are some photo's of the places we'll be staying ... just to make you all horribly jealous!


Louisa said...

I hope you have a magical holiday. Take loooads of photos 'kay? :-)

Tamara said...

Have a super fantasic time! I hope the holiday is everything you guys want it to be!

And yes, I'm horribly jealous ;-)

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