Thursday, September 03, 2009

Bunnies and Snow and Happiness

Last night there was so much I wanted to say. I found myself in another manic mood (like the night before ... hence no blog post yesterday). I am not a happy bunny lately. I had lots to say on the subject, generally question life and the point of it all. But I fear that that will tip me over the knife edge back into the same mood this morning. So I'll skip that and write about flowers and sunshine and happiness. Or rather, how about bunnies and snow and happiness?

So first things first. Snow & happiness! It seems the planet has aligned just right ensuring that @clairam is almost definitely joining me on my October trip to Canada to see the Polar Bears. So it's awesome, but I'm sure some of you would think it's mighty peculiar actually. You see, other than chatting on Twitter and Google Talk, I've only met @clairam once. And now we'll be jetting off half way around the world for a week together. But the way I see it is this: I have traveled on my own with a tour group plenty of times before. Very rarely have they included any other South African's (and when they have, they've mostly been of the moved-to-london-how-do-you-live-with-the-crime-in-Joburg variety). Mostly I get stuck with a bunch of Aussies & Kiwi's and folk from the UK. Which is fine and for the most part they're generally fine people. But there's no connection, you know? Like the sort of connection you'd find with someone familiar with the same things you are. Plus we've all generally had different expectations of the trips we've been on. So I've never really kept in touch with any of the people I've met on these trips. But now, now I'm going with someone who knows a handful of people that I know, who lives about 10 minutes from me and that I could be friends with for real, afterwards, if we don't drive each other completely nuts :) See, this actually makes a lot more sense to me.

And then there is the super-duper bonus that I'll getm y single-supplement for my trip back ... which is about 800 CAD. I'm thrilled :)

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And now for some Bunnies & happiness. I love that the sun is staying out just a little bit longer and the evenings are warmer. It means more time outside for the boons, running around on the grass and making me warm and fuzzy inside just by watching them. They are truly adorable. And yesterday I took some photos. Lily and Rex were lying stretched out so nicely on the grass. There's nothing better than watching them zoom top-speed around the garden or lying completely relaxed which means you know they're happy and feel safe :)

Darling Coal just wouldn't stop digging. But then even she too gave into relaxation and lay across the little pit she'd dug, making her barely visible above the grass.

And my garden is growing, all my little seeds are sprouting nicely. I am loving spending time outside ... if only we had a hose that didn't flood part of the garden while trying to water another. And if only we had nice fluffy green grass ... If only!

Other than that, I made one of my favourite things for dinner last night, I call it my Mexican Chicken. I even brought some of it for lunch today. It's just basically chicken schnitzel (which I haven't had in the longest time!) with a delish tomato-pepperdew-kidney bean sauce on top. Topped with some cheese (last night I used parmesan slices) and avo. Yum yum!

Ph, and one other thing I thought I should mention. I barely go on fakebook but to check out everyone else's stuffs. But I am now addicted to a little game called Farmville, I know, right? Madness. But I'm loving it!


Tara said...

I am so super duper jealous of your Canada plans. Especially at the mention of cute, fluffy...dangerous killer...polar bears.

And the bunnies. They're always so gorgeous. Makes me miss my little pink eyed monster I had years ago.

Tamara said...

I think your reasoning makes perfect sense.

Your boons are too precious! I'm also enjoying the spring weather and the fact that my kitties follow me around the garden whenever I'm outside.

Nuesa Literària said...

It must be very interesting to watch polar bears! You are a very lucky person for the oportunity of knowing them!

The Divine Miss M said...

Cute bunnies!

Though isn't the point to travelling to meet people who are totally different from you and from another part of the world?

I get though wanting someone around that you are comfortable with though, enjoy the trip! Canadians are awesome.

AngelConradie said...

How cool is that!!!
I love the boon pictures. They are so pretty.

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