Friday, September 04, 2009

Pluses and Minuses

Sigh. On the plus side of things it's Friday. Yippee. Also we had yummy Luca's Famous House Salad for dinner last night. And did I tell you that our lovely vet phoned earlier in the week to find out how Rex's eye was and if we managed to get an appointment at the Animal Eye Hospital. We have the best vet!

On the minus side of things ... I can't seem to shake this weird mood of mine :( It's is seriously affecting my outlook on life and making for a not very happy and direction-fueled person. At the moment I feel like I am joining the plodding along masses just watching each day fly by with no achievement or direction other than completing life. Things are feeling hopeless. I also have to start waking up earlier in the mornings. The sun's not yet up at 6am, but from the traffic you can tell, people are getting into summer because there are quite a lot more of them out on the roads in the early morning. Also have to go and spend a fortune on foreign exchange tomorrow which I'm not looking forward to ... it's always such a hassle trying to prove I live where I do. Can you tell I hate FICA, regardless of how law-abiding I am I have to take along 50-million documents trying to prove I live in a rented house where I have no lease and receive no bills ... it's an absolute nightmare! Annoyingly by following their rules, I could easily prove I still live at my folks house in Cape Town (it's the only physical address I receive post to), and somehow they still think FICA is a good idea. Pfft I say to that. (And I have no doubt there'll be more of a rant on Monday after the actual experience :P)

Oh, and on the neither here nor there side of things, I've installed a new blog gadget that I heard about on Twitter via @Jenty called LinkedWithin. See below every post there's now a few other recommended posts. Don't ask me how it decides what else you might like ... but it does and for now I am enjoying it. Seems to slow the site down a bit tho so we'll see how long I keep it for. It's especially useful I find on book review posts. I sorta wish I could only switch it on for certain posts, instead of these mundane day-to-day ones.

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Tamara said...

FICA sucks.

'nuff said.

AngelConradie said...

I can imagine that FICA is a pain in the backside, but you will be yet another step closer to your trip, won't you?

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