Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stuff Before I Go

Hmmm, another afternoon post and I'm stumped again. Writing and getting things out of my system does not work when I'm trying to wind down ... it works to refresh me and allow me to start on a new day. I may have to start waking up an hour earlier to be sure to get my blog post in ... Bwahahaha. Yeah, right :P

So, what can I tell you ... It's Tuesday. Awesome, because that means I only have 1 more dreaded afternoon post until my trip. On Thursday afternoon, instead of writing here, I will be headed to ORT at break-neck speeds to catch my flight. Well, let me say the first of my many many flights.

Sigh, the enormity of what I'm about to do purely to get half-way across the world to see some Polar Bears in their natural habitat is dawning on me ... I fly to Germany, and then to Canada and then to Canadian Destination Dos (where I join the tour group) and then to Canadian Destination Tres (included in the tour). I'll leave here on Thursday evening and arrive to Canada's Friday evening. Thailand & Singapore was the furthest time-zone change trip I've done before now. I'm marginally terrified of jet-lag since I don't have any idea what to expect. People keep telling me it's worse when you travel East. Which I hope it true because that'd be PERFECT since I've factored in about 3 days after my return before I'm due back at work.

And yes, I actually am still shopping for my trip. Today I popped into Cape Union Mart to buy a pair of fleece Nemesis Trackpants, which will make for nice warm winter PJ bottoms (there and here next year) and fit under my jeans (I especially tried this on in the shop!). Sadly they only had grey ... which is fine for my purposes (not really planning on hitting the town in them) although naturally I would've prefered black! Actually what I would've preferred were the Axis Waterproof Trousers ... but I wasn't spending 600 Ront on pants I'd probably only wear for a week and then never again.

That's pretty much what my little world revolves around this week ... final preparations for the trip. Oh, and another exciting snippet. I've almost nearly definitely decided to purchase for myself a Canon 1000d camera from a nice Duty-Free shop in Frankfurt. I have a very nice point-and-click that Varen got me for Christmas a few years back (Xmas 2007) but I'm seriously thinking of getting a new "real" camera ... now more than ever cause I'm not convinced I'll be able to get a decent pic of the Polar Bears with my little one what with "the glare of white" etc.

Sigh, quite a large decision left to the last minute ... this is wholly unlike me, I assure you. The thing is I can't get it from SA before I leave, so Duty-Free seems to be my only option if I want to use it on this trip - and it seems a little sad to go all that way with a crummy camera (which I still love, thanks babe!) and replace it on my return, you know?

So that's what's potting in my world.

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Tamara said...

"a crummy camera (which I still love, thanks babe!)"

Hahahaha... nice save ;-)

That's a lot of missioning. Jet lag is not fun, but it's also not quite as bad as people make it out to be. In my experience, at least.

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