Friday, November 27, 2009

A Lovely Week

Do I have the energy for this ... ? I know, I know, I've barely blogged all week, but I did warn you, it was going to be a pretty damn busy one!

On Tuesday evening I checked out the Bryanston Organic Moonlight Market. I was amazed at how it's expanded in the last few years. And as always it had a lovely vibe, but I didn't buy anything except dinner. I wish I could find more there to actually buy because I so love the market. But it's always the same old stuff. Although I did pass my eye over the picture frames I love there again ;) The one Mom got me years ago holds a small selection of South African notes from my collection (see photo below).

On Wednesday afternoon (and the reason there was no blog post) I headed off to Emperor's Palace straight after work to meet The Peeb and Button who were up in Joburg for a conference. Was quite awesome to see her actually especially with the recent family upheaval. So she & I went gambling, I couldn't believe she'd never played the slot machines before?! My game plan in a Casino is to load my card with R100 and play till it's spent (or in the unlikely event that you're winning, leave when you're hungry, if you go before dinner, or tired out, if you go after). So that's precisely what we did. Mine lasted a little longer than hers, but we had great fun just trying different machines and blowing our cash.

And then I took her to dinner at Col'Cacchio. All in all a lovely evening. I will say, however, that I was hugely annoyed with Emperor's and aside from that think it's a dreadful step down from Monte Casino venue-wise. Can you believe they wouldn't let me buy or load a temporary card using my credit card. Thankfully The Peeb had spare cash on her otherwise I would've had to wander around to find an atm to give them the cold hard cash the were demanding. I mean really, like it makes a freaking difference :P Can you tell I was quite annoyed?

On Thursday I got to laze in bed a little more than usual, although my body clock wasn't far off! I did a morning gym run and then headed off, dressed all in white, to the Zoo Lake bowls club for our office end-of-year function. We played a few fun rounds of lawn bowls in the sweltering heat (how do the old ducks do it? Daddio's mom was quite an avid bowler actually, sadly I do not seem to have inherited the genes!) and then headed back to the Moyo side for an afternoon catered-picnic under the trees. It was a very awesome way to spend a day and I only ended up leaving Zoo Lake at about 7pm, not long after the sun had set!

For a change Varen was actually home before me :)

Today has felt like a very long work day ... and I seem to have a bowling-injury to my right (bowling) hand. Can you bruise a tendon, or perhaps I've sprained something. I dunno, but although it's not swollen it's very very sensitive :(


Tamara said...

Bowls and a picnic at the lake sounds like fun. Hope your right hand is better.

boldly benny said...

What a great year-end function, lucky you :)

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