Tuesday, November 24, 2009

All About the Food

Not much to report here, but I thought that I'd put up some words while the bunnies enjoy the afternoon sunshine before I head out this evening.

Last night's dinner was delish. I was surprisingly glad to be cooking, properly, off a recipe again. Since we did the detox before Zanzibar, I haven't really been cooking properly ... I've been sticking to some all-veggie staples during the week and I can't even think what else.

I made Gnocchi Supreme. Although, let's face it, there was nothing gnocchi about it ... Woolies didn't have any :P Instead I made it with 4 cheese tortellini and (naturally) left out the olives. And Woolies also didn't have any tinned peeled tomato's so we made those from "scratch" too. And although this recipe requires that you use about every pot and pan that you own (one for the pasta, one for the sauce, one to toast the pine nuts), it is extremely delish! It will be made again soon ;)


Tamara said...

Sounds yummy. Even without the olives ;-)

I can't believe Woolies was out of tinned tomatoes. Although the fresh ones probably tasted better in the end.

Anonymous said...

Just wanne say, thanks for getting me started on blogging. Its something I've wanted to do for ages, but was to scared.

I read about your blog in Cosmo, checked it out and loved it. So I got my sh** in gear and have been happily blogging for about 3 months now! Keep up the good work!!

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