Monday, November 23, 2009

Much Ado About Nothing

Right, the weekend blog post ... Sho, if I can't get blogging back into a routine (like it used to be in the morning) I fear I may stop blogging altogether. Nah, that's not true, I like to look back at my holiday posts too much :)

Perhaps it's really just a sign of my mood. I've been pretty anti-social for the last week or so. And so was the weekend. Friday night I was stuck home-alone while Varen played 2 Action Soccer games. I amused myself online, made toasted cheese & tomato open sandwiches for dinner and started watching the latest season of Grey's Anatomy. Not a bad way to spend an evening.

Saturday I was supposed to be left to my own devices yet again (Varen had plans during the day). Well I wasn't really, but my plans got canceled. But sweet boy that he is, he canceled them to stay home with me and cheer me up. It was the *perfect* lazy day. In fact I didn't get out of my pajamas except to get drive-thru for lunch :)

It started with home-made crumpets for breakfast. Yum! And then lots of series watching. In fact an entire day of it. I'm really sort of glad the rubbish weather stuck around for the weekend :) It was just what we needed.

Sunday we headed out for breakfast and I attempted to start on my Christmas shopping. Which was dreadfully unimpressive. I was too scattered, I can't seem to focus on Christmas at all right now. Usually the Peeb is my easiest gift to purchase by far, but no such luck this year yet :(

I forget what else we did on Sunday, oh yes, *attempt* to watch a movie. I dutifully checked the Nu Metro site (a site I loathe and detest, but as I've said before, Brightwater Commons is easily the most enjoyably unattended movie theatre to watch big-screen movies at!) and saw under "What's Showing at my Cinema" that Avatar was listed. So I checked the times and off we went. Only to be told it wasn't showing. When I got back home I checked the website again ... showing in December. What bloody use is that :P I'm specifically interested in Movies *Now* Showing! (And because it didn't have a poster, it didn't have the usually quite obvious "forthcoming attraction" banner across it). Imagine my annoyance.

And now it's Monday, it's going to be a busy busy week. I'm off to check out the Bryanston Organic Market tomorrow evening, The Peeb is up in Joburg for Wednesday evening so we'll be hanging out, Thursday is the office Xmas Party, Saturday is Louisa's baby shower (it's okay, it's not a secret :) ) and Sunday is Jackson's postponed third birthday (bit of a broody weekend, admittedly).

And now it's off to sort-of make Gnocchi Supreme ... except our stupid Woolies did not actually have Gnocchi :P Oh well, here's to experimenting.


boldly benny said...

It's a crappy time of the year and given what is going on in your life I totally understand your preference for solitude!
Just know that we're reading if you need us :)

Louisa said...

I am completely stumped with ideas for Christmas gifts this year too. Grief! I really hope I figure something out - in the meantime I need to get my brother a birthday gift too, at least I have a vague idea on that one.

Maybe once our tree goes up on the 1st inspiration will strike?

(See you on Saturday!) ;-)

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