Wednesday, December 02, 2009

It's the Fifth Last Wednesday of the Year

Blegh. At least when I wasn't posting all of last week it was cause I was out and just too busy to find the time. This week is the polar opposite ... although I do have Poker with the Girls tonight.

I am enjoying my quiet week tho because I know how to enjoy the peace when I get a moment of it ... and this weekend is going to be another jam-packed one :)

But instead of a long wordy post here are a multitude of cute bunny photos :) I have been neglecting the photos of them ... in fact (horror of horrors) I haven't even cracked open my fancy-ass camera since I got back from Canada! I always think I will ... but somehow I just haven't. I really wanna sit outside (when the grass in not flooded from recent rainfall) and get some awesome shots of the boons ... I wish I still had that telephoto lens ;) (I feel like I've said all this before actually). Hmmm, I wonder if I can get everyone to give me cash for xmas to put towards buying myself a lens?

(if my phone ever emails the pics thru!!) Okay, so I see they are a little heavy on Rex ... but Him & Lily are usually in the cutest poses while Cola ends up looking like a silhouette. Actually she looks quite similar in most of her pics, funny how they all have a typical pose! Hee hee, but how funny is that pic above, that's how I found them sleeping when I got home from work today. Don't even ask me how Lily could possibly be comfortable like that! But she does love being in the middle :)

Which brings me to another point, Christmas gifts. As hard as I'm finding shopping for gifts, it's just as hard thinking about what I'd like. But I guess money towards a lens or to buy photo frames with (I haven't even started my photo wall yet! Doh) ... or money towards new pots so I can plant more ... Did I mention how in love with my little garden, that I grew from seeds, I am? I should take some photos of that too ... but not now, the light is too grey.


Tamara said...

I love it when you post bunny pics! My one cat also likes to stretch herself over the other cat like that. In her case I think she's making sure he can't move (she likes to cuddle with him, he doesn't like to cuddle with her).

Once the gardening bug bites, it's addictive, hey?

AngelConradie said...

Love the bunny posts! They are so precious!

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