Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Stuffs in my Head

Yes, I'm really going to start yet another blog post with a lament about the fact that I'm writing it now, in the afternoon, when everything has fallen out of my brain. Yes, I am.

There was something I actually wanted to write about now tho, but lo behold I got home from gym and it has completely escaped me.

So what else can I tell you. I went to poker last night and thus spent the entire of the storm (except for the first few drops which arrived as I did), tucked away eating a delish dinner with friends and practicing my poker face. I didn't do too well, went out 2nd :( But I wasn't having a very good game generally ... I hate when you have to fold pretty much everything you get till suddenly it turns around and you get brilliant cards and you bet like you're Superman. Oh well, as always, it was marvelous fun ...

Tomorrow we're having a Christmas Market at work ... as I mentioned before I'm part of the office's version of event planners, referred to fondly as The Organised Glee Team, and this is another one we're putting on. Am really looking forward to it. We're even serving mince pies and champagne as people "shop" (I put it in deeltekens because we're only a company of 35 and we are putting up about 5 little stalls :) ). So yeah, that brilliant Xmas day function of lawn bowls and a picnic at Zoo Lake, that was us too. I'm having such fun with it :) We've even decided that next year people shouldn't bring cake to celebrate their birthday but instead to pick a day that is historically important or interesting to them and bring cake then ... the deal is tho that they have to send out an email explaining the relevance of the day to everyone in the office. A great way to learn something new, I think :) So .... any suggestions on what day I should pick?? I thought about picking the day the first blog was posted ... but it seems a little tricky to pin down to an exact day.

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Tamara said...

Oooh... wish I could think of something clever for your historical/interesting day!

What about an importnant day from your family history? I know you're very interested in genealogy.

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