Monday, December 21, 2009

Quick Catch-up

Okay, so I've been intending to blog for days now ... but first I was thwarted by lack of internet at home (where I usually do my posting now that it's moved to it's afternoon time slot) on Thursday & Friday afternoon. And then, well, it was the weekend and although I always think there'll be plenty of time to do it then, somehow Sunday night arrives and I couldn't be less in the mood.

So here I am on Monday morning trying to get the last few days documented before starting my 2nd last day of work for 2009.

There is plenty to tell, I have been fairly busy considering I currently see myself in the "hibernation" phase of my break-up. There is also plenty I won't be telling because as much as I'd like to vent about my break-up and my thoughts on it, I'm a) simply not ready to yet in such a public place and b) well, Varen does read the blog. Makes it kinda weird to be upfront and honest here.

Sooo, Wednesday was Angel's birthday party which was quite weird to attend alone. But I enjoyed it, although I think I was quite quiet as it was a bit of an overdose of people and having to explain the very recent upheaval in my life. On Thursday evening I stayed home alone with toast for dinner and watched series on TV (other than my dinner, it was not unlike any of my evenings while still in a relationship with Varen!), he was out for dinner with a friend of his, Koeties. Now as much as I don't especially like this friend (the feeling appears to be quite mutual) and I don't think he's a good influence on Varen at all, I know that it's good for him to be getting out there and re-kindling lost connections. It's kinda weird to me that in the last year or so I have built up a whole pile of people to spend time with, most of which I didn't even know when I started dating Varen. Whereas he just seems to be falling back to the people he knew beforehand, even if he hasn't spoken to them in 6 months or so. Oh well, people are different, at least he's getting out the house, I guess.

On Friday night I went for dinner at The Attic with DJMike and Beukes (who has recently returned from 2 years in America). Was a lovely night :)

Saturday morning started with the surprise discovery that Varen has started smoking again :P He gave up about 6 months before we started dating. I've never been keen on smokers at all and find the smell that hangs on your hair and clothes quite revolting, personally. I'll admit I was horrified and a little devastated and disgusted that he would turn his back on 3 years of not smoking. Hopefully I don't have to live around that much longer because although our agreement now is that he only smoke outside, that's where the bunnies live and they are sensitive creatures. It really made me sad.

On Saturday I went to Bokkie's sister's baby shower and then hung out at home. And watched twitter for updates on the arrival of baby Squishy :) Congrats again, Louisa!! My Saturday night was much like my Thursday night actually. See, the hibernation part of my break-up is in full swing since I actually had the opportunity to go out. Varen went to see Avatar on IMAX with (of course) his new bff (again) Koeties. I'll admit I was disappointed, I was kinda hoping we could've gone to see Avatar together on Saturday evening ... you know, if neither of us had plans. The whole situation is very weird sometimes and other times such a relief.

I ended up seeing Avatar 3D on Sunday evening with Bokkie and his sort-of girlf. That was after spending the whole day munching on pizza and watching series at home with Varen. We are better after the week apart and after a deep discussion on Saturday. We seem to be sort of back to how we were last Sunday after the break-up, still friends. Which I really need us to be, at very least, while we are still living together. It is very odd trying desperately not to care where someone is when 3 years of habit are telling you that you should know or be there too, you know? It's also weird listening to Varen's plans for the future.

Avatar 3D was quite an adventure, the movie and the attempt to watch it. We had booked tickets online at Cresta for the 17h15 show and duly arrived at 17h00. Only to find the entire cinema area closed off due to "incapacitating plumbing problems" - the fact that the cinema was flooded right up to the ticket sale area was definitely incapacitating. But it didn't leave us feeling like satisfied customers when we heard it'd been closed since much earlier in the day and the online bookings were still open! (I'd advise everyone NOT to watch movies there for a very long time, apparently all the cinema carpets also got soaked :P). We got our complimentary tickets and decided to race thru to 4ways to try make it in time for the 17h15 show there.

I'll tell you that as I sat down in my seat, the last trailer ended and the movie started. We made it by the skin of our teeth! And what an awesome movie it was :) I don't know how much the 3D experience added, generally I'm against the whole 3D thing, really. I found that bits were often out of focus and blurred when things moved very quickly and the depth was all inwards. But I still loved the (very, very long) movie and thought it was quite beautiful (although the story-line is a bit predictable really).

So this will probably be my last post for a while since I'm off to Cape Town tomorrow, I seriously can't wait!


Unknown said...

I'm sorry to hear about the break-up, I kind got the drift of it at Angel's, but no-one mentioned it.
Hope you enjoy your trip, and come back rejuvenated and raring to go again.

se7en said...

Hi there, I just wanted to have a quick catch-up and say hello, hope the new year gets better for you!!! Lots of love from all of us!

Tamara said...

Hectic. It must be totally weird havingbroken up and still living together. I think you're handling it better than I ever could!

We also tried to watch movies at Cresta and hit the plumbing problems. Gross. I LOVED Avatar. Not so much the storyline (uber predictable) but the amazingly creative new world of Pandora. Especially the scene at night where you see the phosphorescence for the first time.

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