Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lovely Public Holiday

Grrr. Was busy with a post and it somehow got lost :P Now I'm in no mood to re-write the damn thing.

Last night I went to @jarredcinman's and had a lovely vegan dinner (and rather dodgy vegan dessert) and chatted the night away. It felt good.

This morning I have barely seen Varen. He went out earlier and I doubt he'll be back before I head off to Angel's party a little later. It's very weird in some ways ... like not really knowing what his plans are or being involved in them. But life is easy when he's not around, I don't get upset any more if he works late or decides not to come home at the last minute because I have no vested interest in it ... which makes me a clamer person. Things are still okay when we're home alone together too tho, which is also weird. They're okay but weird. Cause he's a lot better at flipping the "off" switch to our relationship and the closeness we had (when we were actually together), which is still hard for me to do.

Anyhooo, the gist of my previous post (the one I just lost) was about The Ice Bear Project. I've said before that I think the whole idea is fantastic and I've enjoyed watching the live webcam when possible (whether or not it loads seems to be quite erratic!) and I took some screen shots of The Copenhagen Bear (the first one they did), in case you missed it. The London Bear is melting as I type, so if you're interested, go check that one out!

The Copenhagen Bear on 09Dec around 7pm (GMT+2)

Again, two days later on 11Dec around 7pm (GMT+2)

A daylight shot on 12Dec around 4pm (GMT+2)

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