Sunday, December 13, 2009

Turning Point

Yes, my blogging is definitely suffering with this afternoon nonsense :( It's also got to do with my head space lately but well, that's not blogging fodder. Not yet at least.

So what have I been up to since I last posted ... ? Not a helluva lot. Went ot book club which was, as usual, a lovely evening. I was just feeling a little weird (compouding that head space of mine!) because now the two of the girls who are already married have just had babies and the third has just fallen pregnant. The other girl in a long-term relationship just got engaged and the others (aside from me) are all single. My point is, everyone *except me* who is not single, is a new mom, pregnant or engaged. Sheesh. No pressure :P

Thing is, if I didn't want to get married or have kids or any of that, it probably wouldn't bother me in the least. But I do and I don't seem able to make the decisions to get me there. I'm paralysed by my idea of how life is supposed to be, because it's just not that way. And I don't know when to accept the way things are and just plunge forward. It feels like there's supposed to be some sort of "knowing" that happens beforehand. I'm definitely personally ready for a child, I think. It's the other stuff that still has to come together before I'll happily throw caution into that wind.

Sigh, perhaps I will paddle into that weird head space for a little here then :P

What else? Nothing much. On Friday I finally bought the Boons a giant bale of hay. They are thrilled! I was also thrilled to finally be able to clean out the hutch (didn't want to do it till we could lay fresh hay down on the base for Rex's feet).

And then Saturday was spent on a desperate hunt for Xmas gifts. Some got checked off the list and others remains frightfully un-purchased.

I did spoil myself a little on Saturday and went for a hair cut. My hair was getting horrendously long and becoming pretty much unbearable in this heat so it was time for a 10cm or so trim. Gawd I love it when they blow-wave it straight. I wish a) it didn't take so long and b) I had my own personal blow-waver. Although I do own a hair-straightener, I'm very lazy and it doesn't get used very often when my hair is sooo long. My arms get sore!

I also bought myself two gorgeous new summer dresses ... it seems when I start shopping, stopping can be a little tricky :) And Varen spent the afternoon and evening at work. Seriously :P

On Sunday Varen & I hit Rosebank for breakfast ... finally located where Doppio Zero relocated to. I think they've made a very silly decision, unless they're only interested in the tourists. Oh well. It was a very interesting breakfast and we discussed some very important life type stuff. Seems I'm not the only one in a weird head space after all.

Then we popped off to the Rosebank Market to get me some of those gorgeous distressed wood photo frames as Xmas gifts from the folks & him (For that photo-wall I mentioned ages ago!!).

Then Varen went to spend more of his weekend at work :P But he was home in time for us to go watch 2012.

Which I thought was mostly great fun and great effects ... although felt quite long, was it? And then of course the whole theatre stared laughing at the "Drakensburg" and "Cape of Good Hope" lines :) I'm still not buying into the whole Mayan World is ending thing tho ...

And that was Sunday. I am not making any blogging promises for the rest of December, my weird head space coupled with the impending holiday to Cape Town make regular blogging unlikely. Hopefully things (on all fronts) will improve in 2010.


boldly benny said...

Thinking of you

AngelConradie said...

Head space aside... is 2012 worth the money of a movie ticket- or do I wait for the DVD?

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