Friday, January 22, 2010

All Good

Well, what I thought was going to be a quieter week than last week has turned out to be just as busy :)

On Wednesday evening I headed over to Louisa's especially to watch my pal Cybersass kick some ass on the new Schleb Survivor. Okay, so it was only the first episode and as with all of these sorts of shows, I have barely figured out who is who yet (esp. since I had next to know idea who any of them were to start off with, let alone that they'd be considered South African Celebs!) But anyhoo, I was there showing support and shouting out her name every time Cybersass came on screen :)

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Was also lovely to see Louisa and baby again. Gosh her little girl is adorable with the biggest mop of black hair I've ever seen. She looks like a little pixie :) Unfortunately she wasn't having the best of days ... but such is life with a teeny babe.

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And then last night, I was sitting around coaxing the bunnies out of the hutch (which they weren't very interested in since their "play-area" is soaked!) when CollegeInstructor popped round to invite me out for dinner with him and a mutual friend of ours (damn I will have to think up a nickname *soon*!).

We ended up at Capello's in Lonehill (wow i can't believe how much closer some places are now that I've moved, okay I know that probably just sounds stupid, but really, I would never have headed "all the way to" Lonehill for dinner before!).

Let me tell you, I am in love with their Watermelon and Chili Mojito's! So we ordered too much food and spent a lovely evening catching up (I haven't seen either of them since my farewell before I moved up to Joburg in 2004!). No doubt this will be the first of many more!

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