Monday, January 25, 2010

Beds and Bunnies

Shoo, another marvelous weekend filled with retail therapy and friends :) Have I mentioned lately that life is good? Hee hee.

Friday night was another spent lazing at home with Series on my laptop. Saturday morning started early. As you may know, I've been desperately trying to sort out the rest of the fencing for the bunny-enclosure. They've had hardly more than their hutch area to run around in for 2 weeks now and with this weather keeping them hutched even more than usual, I've felt very guilty about it :( So I was determined to get it sorted once and for all on the weekend.

And I did. But not without hours of effort! I'd been to Lifestyle Garden Center (where I got the first 3 pieces of trelis) last weekend and they'd had no stock. I left my name and number and they said they'd call when they got more. So although I should've called them to check on Friday afternoon, the day got away from me and when I tried to search for their number on my blackberry, I discovered their website is worse than useless on a mobile! But needless to say I didn't get a call from them last week either. So on Saturday morning I headed off and hit *every* nursery along Witkoppen Road between 4ways and Clearwater! No where had stock! I was exhausted.

But I decided on my way home to pop by Lifestyle, just in case you know ... and since I'd been every where else that day already why not one more? And they freaking had stock! They had like 20 of them :P I was so annoyed. I coulda just gone directly there and saved myself 2 hours of searching (although in those 2 hours I did find the perfect bathroom drawers so some good came of it :) ).

Unfortunately Bokkie was off doing something else, but he let me use his bakkie to get the trelis - now that I'd found them I was not going to go another day without what I needed! So I got them home and set up the new enclosure and felt so much better about things. They now have a 4m * 4m run-around area (which is not so much smaller than Varen's 5m * 6m garden). They went from this ... to this.

On Saturday evening I went to one of my Poker buddies' birthday party at The Green Peppercorn. Although I think their cocktails are over-priced, they handled the huge table really well (we all had separate bills and there were no mistakes that I heard of!) and the food presentation was lovely (and it also tasted good).

On Sunday I was up early again. On my quest for trelis the day before, I'd also stopped by my favourite shop in Joburg, Derakera, and seen a gorgeous 4-poster bed. I'd seen one there in about November last year and debated buying it. I've always wanted one. But Varen and I weren't in need of a new bed so it seemed like a very unnecessary expense at the time. Now, of course, I'm in need of a bed (this sleeping on my mattress on the floor thing is getting old!). This bed was 2K cheaper than the one I'd seen in November and I had gone home and measured on Saturday afternoon. It will fit in my bedroom. Not with much room to spare, but it'll fit and the door and cupboards will still be able to open. So on Sunday morning I went back to look at it again ...

It was reserved. And I still loved it. And then had one more in their warehouse. I debated for a while, phoned Daddio and sent him a photo ... and then I bought it. It's being delivered on Wednesday (I'll admit I'm a little nervous!). The couch can wait, the pots and pans can wait and I can carry on using a beach towel after my shower for a while longer. I bought a gorgeous 4-poster bed instead :)

I did also finally get round to buying myself some cutlery too, so I balanced buying the bed with some practical shopping ;)

And then on Sunday afternoon, I had some friends around for a Hot-Dog Housewarming. Thanks so so much to Doodles & TSC, Ruby Letters, Arkwife, Arkhubby & Arkbaby, Jackson & his mom and Boldy Benny for coming and celebrating my new home and the start of what I feel will be a very good year with me. I had an absolutely awesome afternoon with all of you :) Let me just say, I was spoilt with housewarming gifts and good company!

An awesome weekend, for sure.


Caz said...

The bed is gorgeous!!

Such a great, liberating feeling to splash out on something that you reeeeeeally want!

The bunny enclosure is looking 5*!

Bummed that basically all my blog friends live in JHB :(

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love the bed,it is beautiful

Tamara said...

It was awesome to see you in your new spot. I am jealous of your rugby field in the backyard ;-)

Janine / Being Brazen said...

Gorgeous bed!

tanyadeville said...

oooooooh so nice!!!!

bunnies space looks lovely! The pic of the bunny sitting on the red checkered blanky is toooo cute!

AngelConradie said...

I love the organised bunny living area!!

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