Thursday, January 28, 2010


My bed arrived yesterday ... and it's beautiful! I'll admit I was a little nervous about the expense and the fact that I expected it would take up the entire room, but it fitted better than I thought and now the expense is but a mere memory for something perfect :)

Last night before Poker I strung up the fairy lights Bean and I had bought on our trip to Thailand. Honestly they've been sitting in a cupboard pretty much the entire time since then!

Either way it's gives me that warm fuzzy feeling every time I see it :) So I was thinking about all the things I like about my new home.

1. Air-con is a bonus, even tho I haven't used it too much yet, I love knowing that I have it available!
2. An Alarm system. Okay so this is also just a bonus. Bean and I had one but Varen was never really one for security (he of forgetting to even lock the house doors :P)
3. My little kitchen and bedroom are really making me smile these days ... next I'll have to get working on the big front room (dining-room lounge area).
4. The bunnies are definitely seeming happier with the additional run-around space and the fact that it hasn't rained since yesterday morning :)
5. I love that I have a proper washing line now (although the rain has severely hampered the use of it)

This weekend I plan to buy a new set of linen for my gorgeous bed and a set of drawers for the bathroom so I can finally unpack all that stuff. Oh and I've decided on pots and pans ... although I'm seeing myself cooking less and less now that I'm cooking for one and out so often. But hopefully once I get the front room furnished and there's no more sitting on the floor, I can start inviting people over for dinner so that I can still get cooking creative ;)

Ah, and with likes there are always dislikes. My primary ones right now (and they're all survivable, just not necessarily aesthetic, you know?) are:

1. The blue office carpeting thruout. Makes me a touch worried about furnishing because hello, I'm pretty sure nothing is going to match that blue carpet!
2. The office blinds (but they're doing the job)
3. The lack of cupboard space / shelves / towel racks in the bathroom. I suddenly started to wonder where on earth I might store my bath towels etc. that aren't in use (you know, when I get around to actually buying some).
4. I haven't been able to clean the bunny-hutch because of all the rain :( And I haven't been able to buy them a hay-bale either because of all the rain! Finger's crossed for this weekend tho!


Clea Yiannakis said...

Love love love the fairy lights! Maybe some nice rugs to cover the blue carpet?

Zee said...

Ooh the bed looks so lovely....i love the fairy lights.

tanyadeville said...

Lol @ blue carpets... Sorry! Hehe. That's a tricky one... But apart from that everything sounds GORGEOUS! It must be so nice to b able to decorate without a boy! I have always wanted soft, white, embroidered girly linen... But I'm never allowed :(
So - enjoy everything :)

Anonymous said...

You could always go with sunny yellows, they'll compliment the blue carpet...
A neat trick for storing stuff in limited space is to get those hanging shelves. I have them in my cupboard and they are a life-saver! Mr. Price often has them...

Anonymous said...

Princess bed, so awesome. And I love the fairy lights.

PS. your comment verification word is CRINGE. hahaa, how odd.

AngelConradie said...

Why on earth do you have the blue office-carpets? I mean, I know they musta been there when you moved in- but why would anyone put it in?

AngelConradie said...

I forgot to say how much I love the lights on the bed!!

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