Monday, February 01, 2010

More More More

Sho, time seems to be flying past, it's February already! And what a year 2010 is turning out to be :)

On Friday night we went for after-work drinks at Capello's (yay, more Watermelon & Chili Mojito's for me!) and while we were enjoying ourselves there, the grandmother of all rainstorms descended on us!

I got home to be very grateful that the bunny-hutch is on *two* bricks instead of just one ... it looked like they were surrounded by a swimming pool of water! But they survived and have immensely enjoyed the recent spate of sunshine we've been having :)

After drinks, I headed off to Bangkok Wok at Cedar Square for dinner with @NoaNeo1, BrotherSwoop's ex girlf (and yes, a mere 3 weeks after their 6 yr relationship ended and apparently he too has a new girlf ... definitely something genetic about not being alone in this family me thinks!). But we had an absolute blast catching up and swapping break-up stories ... surprising how alike the brothers turned out to be, actually ;) She recommended the Golden Noodle Duck and I can say that it is sublime :) yumyum.

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On Saturday I had a morning of more retail therapy planned, but the handyman arrived knocking at my door at 8:30am to finish with my snag list (which actually I was thrilled about once everything was done :) ) So I got started on my day's mission a little late, but had a *most* productive day :)

It started with a call to Bree Produce ... and *yes*, they had a bale of Erogros Hay for me & the bunnies. Thrilled! So that was a major top-priority on my list, and one I wasn't sure I'd managed to get ticked off this weekend ... but I am so glad to have been able to clean their hutch and give them fresh hay! They are so much happier :)

Oh, and I took this awesome picture of Lily on Sunday. She was posing so nicely ... but my Blackberry camera has a bit of a delay and this, instead, is what I got. I love it cause everything is perfectly in focus ... except her, obviously ;)

And then it was on to Mr Price Home to spend some of my house-warming vouchers (Thanks RubyLetters & Doodles!). I had already seen exactly what I wanted, a set of drawers for the bathroom so that I could finally unpack all my bathroom clutter :) And I'm thrilled with the result! (I even assembled it myself!)

And then I headed off to spend the rest of my house-warming gifts (Thanks Jackson's Mom and Arkwife!) on new linen for my new bed. I *love* it! Luckily when I bought it I completely forgot to get a fitted sheet ... so I went to get one on Sunday, by which time I'd decided that a white one would just be too boring (and I could get one at any old time if I changed my mind) and decided to get a cerise one instead :) I love that it looks all pure white one top with just the embroidered flower detail and then when you climb in it's bright and funky. I am definitely loving shopping with only myself in mind ... I can choose whatever zany thing pops into my head :)

Okay, so that seems like a *lot* of pink all in one weekend ... but you gotta make do with what's available and what catches your eye ... Besides, it's not like it's all in the same room. And I love all my new stuffs :)

On Saturday evening I met J9-double0blonde for dinner at Melrose Arch and we decided to give Piza e Vino a try. Was awesome, I had a very delish half-and-half pizza with half their Pizza Very Verde (Pomodoro, mozzarella, spinach, zucchini ribbons, mascarpone, basil oil) and half their La Greca (Pomodoro, mozzarella, Dargle valley bacon, feta and avo). Their pizza base is nice and thin too. I would definitely go back! And we had shared a good bottle of red too ;) Was an awesome evening of catching up :)

On Sunday I did a little more shopping, more mundane stuff tho, like pots and pans, my fitted sheet and more cooking utensils. but every weekend the house comes together a little more and slowly slowly it's becoming a home :) I'm very happy. Although I did have some twinges of missing a person to be sharing it all with late last night ... I know, how is t hat even possible considering how much time I spent out and about with people this weekend but, it's the sharing the quiet time that makes it different, I guess?

I went for Sunday lunch at (also at Cedar Square, I'm becoming a local, haha ;) ) with the Bookclub Mommies, babies, hubbies and all :) It was lovely to catch up and see the growing babes. The lunch was yummy too, I had one of their gourmet sandwiches and a shake ... and anywhere that offers a coffee-flavoured milkshake for a mere R15 is awesome in my book!

So yeah, another all-round awesome weekend. Filled with even more friends and shopping :) I am a lucky lucky girl.

Oh and ps. I'm going to Eddie Izzard tomorrow night and I simply can NOT wait! *more awesomeness*


Tamara said...

Love the new bed clothes. Awesome!

I love Bankok Wok at Cedar. Must try the golden noodle duck next time.

AngelConradie said...

Oh how I want to go shopping now... I love how everything looks together P!

se7en said...

Love your new bed/bedding - stunning!!! I think I would like a secret room with my own perfect bed like that to sneak off and sleep for hour on end... and some sort of divine laundry fairy will change the sheets constantly so that they are always fresh and crispy... hmmm dreaming!!!

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