Thursday, January 07, 2010

I'm Moving!

So, I was going to eventually get round to the emotional post, but that's been put on hold for even longer because today was such a pivotal day.

So as you (should) know, with Varen & I broken-up but still living together, I've been on the hunt for a new home for me and the bunnies. I dabbled briefly online before I went to Cape Town, but since I was solidly busy before then and there would've been no time to actually go and see a place, I wasn't looking too seriously, just getting a feel for the market and rental prices.

I came back from Cape Town less than a week ago and knew I had to get stuck in, the most terrifying thought was not finding somewhere to move to by the 1st Feb. But such huge change makes me want to hide ... it's a scary thing leaving your home of 2 years, and I couldn't decide if I should live alone or with someone (both have their pros and cons for me right now). So to be fair I wasn't doing much more than browsing the web as I'd done in December. Moving out would make everything so real and final.

But on Tuesday I made a call to a guy who's number I got thru a friend of a friend ... but I could tell over the phone that it was far from what I was looking for. And let's be honest I have some serious requirements: Must have a private garden for the bunnies. At minimum one bedroom (I hate the idea of a "studio" apartment!) but if possible 2 (I have a lot of stuff, okay ... like dive gear, where does that go when there's no spare room??). At least one bathroom, preferably with a bath and shower but at minimum a shower. And then came my "where" requirements. I'm a big believer in living "inside the highway circle" (laugh all you like, Louisa ;) ). To me it makes sense from a traffic perspective. Ideally I was looking closer to work, but no further away than where I am now. And on what people were telling me was a very short budget (I don't think it is, but looking at some of the ridiculous "in the right area" rental prices who knows!).

So yesterday I was doing my daily gumtree browse (instead of writing a blog post ;) ) and I spotted a potential place and made a phone call and even an appointment to view it today.

So off I went during lunch. This place is so close to work (not quite walking distance but not much further, really!). It's a garden cottage and although the advert said "no pets" the landlady was okay with me keeping the bunnies. I was all ready to just get the first "viewing" out of the way. You know, you gotta start somewhere before you get into the rythym of it. I was fully prepared to just write it off as the first place I saw. To tell the truth I was hoping I'd end up in a nice garden unit in a complex and be in pretty much the same sort of set-up I'm in now. But obviously I was looking at garden cottages as well.

I didn't go there expecting to rent the first place I saw, and it's not 100% what I had in mind (you know, one of those new and mod places, I'm a bit of a snob really), but it really looks like it could work for me for right now :) It has just been repainted inside, comes with the use of a garage and has 2 small bedrooms and a large lounge area. It doesn't have a bath unfortunately :( The kitchen is smaller than the one here and not open plan or anything, but has an outdoor area for hanging washing (which we don't have here!) and rubbish bins. And the garden is *huge*. I'll be able to fence off an area for the bunnies to run in and their hutch can go under the awning of the roof (I may have to figure out some more protection for them, but they already have the boxes to hide in). On the downside it used to be an home-office space so has office-blinds thruout :P (I figure that's something I can address once I'm settled) But the plus side of it previously being home-office space that is that there is already a Telkom line for internet - how could I live without internet now that all my blogging happens after work?! The other plus is that she works from home so there will be people at the house during the day, which is obviously much better for security. Did I mention how close to work it is?

It came in right at the maximum I wanted to pay and I guess I could even rent out the spare room if I wanted to (but I'll see where all that dive-gear ends up first, haha!). The only worry I have is the bunnies, and shade, and keeping an eye on them (here I can sit at my computer and watch them run in the garden ... will have to see what works there). I'm actually thinking of getting them used to leads (yes people do that!) so that I could take them walking round the rest of the back garden area (seriously, it's like the size of a football field and the only reason I wouldn't give them full run of the area is I'd worry I wouldn't find them again under the plants that are around the edges at the wall) because then they could enjoy some real tree-shade :) Although with these cloudy late afternoons, it may not be a problem - haha!

I can't wait to have people over for picnics on this vast grassland :) (there's plenty of parking cause of her working from home!)

So I spoke to my Mom and Daddio, @jarredcinman and a few other work friends and decided to take the plunge and paid the deposit this afternoon. Yes, I could wait around for something that might seem more suitable ... but the other big bonus of this is it's a month-to-month rental. So if it doesn't work out, I can look for something else from a less emotional situation :) But I have a good feeling about this place, and that's what really counts. Even tho I'm nervous since I haven't been to see anywhere else at all.

Oh, and I'm moving in on *Saturday*. I know, that was a bit of a surprise to me too. But it's available immediately (she's having cupboards put into the bedrooms this weekend, she was waiting in case someone rather wanted to use it as office space) and hell, I had no plans for the weekend anyway :)

I'm feeling excited and terrified ... best I get packing!


The Comfort Café said...

Well done! It's always a relief finding the "right", "perfect" space! Moving IS scary, but it also shifts things A LOT to allow for good change. I speak from experience, being a serial mover myself, finding the perfect garden cottage is the stuff that good times are made of :) good luck!

Anonymous said...

Moving, nooooooo! I have moved every year since finishing school (thats 10 years of moving) I'm done. Love my new home, and definitely planning on staying here for a while. Hope you enjoy your new home as much as I am enjoying mine. And you are lucky with the month to month thing, if it doesn't work out, just pack up (don't envy you that) and go.

Louisa said...

I'm so glad for you that you found a place so quickly! Can't wait to see your new home. (and yes, I'm still giggling about the circle thing) ;-)

Tamara said...

Living close to work is the deciding factor for me (I hate, hate, hate commuting). Sounds like a nice place, despite the office blinds (which are better for people with dust / house mite allergies than curtains, if that helps at all). All the best and please shout if you need help with the moving.

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