Monday, January 11, 2010

Moved but Not Un-Packed

A quick morning post, since I have no internet at home currently ...

What a surreal weekend. Things were continuously up and down between Varen and I but we ended the weekend still as friends.

It has been a really weird experience, with him already preparing for his next relationship. Mostly I am okay with it because one of the oddest things I noticed this weekend when I was sitting thinking, "Oh My Word, how could someone have changed this quickly in less than a month" (yes, it's still less than a month since we actually broke up!) and it dawned on me, he actually hadn't. He was back to being the person I'd originally started dating, only his attention wasn't focused on me this time ... odd thing about perspective, huh?

But he was a dutiful ex and roped in the use of his dad's bakkie and BrotherZion to help me move on Saturday & Sunday. Was a bit of chaos because I thought the decision was to move in on Saturday but it turned out the carpets were being cleaned so I couldn't even get into the place ... luckily the kitchen has an outside door so we just piled all the stuff into there and locked it. Also the cupboard guy couldn't come until Sunday either. So we just moved the outside stuff on Saturday (all my plants ... this is why I plant into pots when I don't own the place!) and went shopping in preparation for the new bunnies hutch set-up: 200 bricks from Builder's Warehouse (to raise them up from ground level so they don't get flooded in the rain), 3 out of the 6 fencing panels (Lifestyle Garden Center didn't have enough, will have to go back this weekend again ... although how I'll get the 2m panels back in my little car, I'm not so sure!), 2 tarps (one for the inside as per usual and one for the outside for extra rain protection since they're no longer completely under cover), 2 yoga mats (ended up only needing one for under the hutch so they're not walking directly on tarp-covered bricks ... Rex has sensitive feet, ya know?) and 1 piece of shade cloth (because they're more in the sun now than they were at Varen's). Sheesh. Expensive business this, but I'd feel awful not doing any of it for them. Sweet things.

Shame, they were not very happy during the move, Lily especially. And now they're getting used to all these new smells and noises. They're a bit freaked out. It's very overcast today, but I put the shade-cloth down (it should also protect them from the rain, if it does start) but I'll go back and check them at lunch too. (Did I mention that it took me 2.5 minutes to get to work this morning? I timed it! Definitely worth every penny of rent, just for that!)

Am not sure anymore if Varen's next relationship is on or off at the moment, I guess he'll be finding out this week when the new girl is back at work (her ex-fiance moved out this weekend too, it couldn't all be more convenient if it tried!). It's so surreal because I'm honestly actually fine with it ... I can just see the pattern repeating, so it's hard to be too annoyed, since really, I should have known! So much is so similar with the way our relationship started, although as people she and I may be completely different (apparently). It is also very peculiar sitting watching dvds with your ex-boyf on a Saturday night while he's smsing his potential new girlfriend. That's the bit I don't like. Because I remember that "high" feeling of checking your phone constantly to see if they'd smsed you or whatever. It's hard to watch that happening with him about someone else.

Oh yes, we watched Bride Wars and How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.

Both were pretty meh. Normally I really like Kate Hudson, but not in Bride Wars.

I did really like Kirsten Dunst in How to Lose Friends tho :) Either way, that was just what we needed to get thru Saturday evening.

On Sunday we moved all the indoor stuff and the cupboard people were there the *entire* day ... and they'll be back again today because they didn't even start the cupboards in the 2nd bedroom! Annoying. But I've left about everything still packed up in the kitchen for now. And haven't even thought about unpacking till everyone is done in there! Cause the ADT guys should be coming to split the alarm today too (finger's crossed!) (yes folks, I have an alarm system now too!)

Do you wanna hear the *weirdest* thing? I'm convinced that I went to look at an inside room in this house when I moved out of Bean's place (before I moved in with Loulou, 3 & half years ago)! I've had a weird dejavu since Saturday, and on Sunday evening my land-lady invited me to have dinner with her & her son and explain that she actually rented the entire property from the owners (who live next door) and she rents out rooms and the garden cottage. And in turn I can rent out the spare room in the cottage. Is all very amusing to me :) But anyway. Yeah, how weird is that? I didn't take it then because it seemed to weird to live inside the house with a "family" (if that makes sense?) and because I was workingi n Joburg CBD. But now the proximity to work is ideal and I'm in the garden cottage ... funny how life works out!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the unpacking. To me that is the worst part. I moved in November and have still not unpacked everything!
I also didn't enjoy Bride Wars that much even though Kate and Anne are 2 of my favourite actresses.

Caz said...

I thought Bride Wars sucked as well... Kate looked a bit manly!! :)
glad u r now safely in your new place x

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