Friday, January 15, 2010


So yesterday it was a week since I paid my deposit and in that time I've moved in and even settled a little into my new home. I've reached a happy place of positivity about the year and feel like every day gets a little bit better :)

I had the bookclub girls round last night, first real entertaining I've done there although I've had one or two people over to visit and see the place before then. We sat around on the floor and ate pizza and drank wine out of my brand new wine glasses (thanks J9!). It was lovely. I guess it's also just nice having the people you're surrounded by be equally happy and excited for you :)

I also had a most surprising visitor yesterday ... one of my College Instructors from Cape Town! I was sitting reading my book in my bedroom (trying to get finished before bookclub! Haha) when I heard a knock. And I was floored when he was the person peeking at me thru the security gate! I was like "How did you find me?". I mean I had only found out about a week and a half ago that he was even in Joburg (via a mutual friend who's also living up here now) and hadn't even spoken to him since then. Funny story! He rents one of the rooms in the main house! He hasn't been staying there cause he's house-sitting for our mutual friend, but was back to get some laundry done and recognised my rabbits (how mad is that?). So yeah, totally surreal, and pretty cool :)

Yesterday was also a week since I found out about Varen and his new love-interest. I'm mostly over the whole thing, except for the fear and nerves I feel about contacting him later today to go and collect the rest of my stuff from his house. He's still acting surprised that I removed him from Blackberry Messenger and GoogleTalk ... but really, what on earth would I still have to talk to him about? He's not interested in how the bunnies are doing and I don't want to hear about how his new relationship is doing ... and I don't want his little photo avatar sitting there staring at me, invading my space.

Other than that, @jarredcinman came to visit on Wednesday and Beuks also came round (to check out my spare room) and we went had had a lovely sushi-dinner.

It's been a really good week. Now to just get thru this manic weekend (I have so much that needs to get done! Like finishing the rabbit enclosure, collecting the last of my stuff from Varen's place (only really the fish pond) and buying huge kitchen appliances. I also need to get Telkom round asap, but for some reason that whole process freaks me out ... Anyway, it's Friday and I'm in a very good mood :)


Zee said...

Hey Girl... Glad you feeling positive and things are looking up for you....

Louisa said...

Hahaha! Can't believe someone found you by looking at your rabbits - that's so funny. Sounds like you're finding your feet just fine.

Tamara said...

So funny that he recognised your bunnies!

Have a great weekend getting everything done!

ExMi said...

you're doing really, really well.

am so glad that things seem to be working out for you, and i will hold thumbs that they continue to do so.

Good luck with The Great Appliance Hunt xx

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