Monday, February 22, 2010

Another Crazy Weekend

Yawn. Another busy weekend. Actually it's not so much the weekend that's making me yawn this morning as the lack of a good night's sleep last night.

Friday started with yet more after-work drinks. This time it was a select few of us from my current project along with our counterparts from another company who we are working with, in an effort to get to know them better.

It went well, and 4hrs later I headed off to Mythos in the Design Quarter for Vix's birthday dinner where I ate yummy spanakopita (probably my best greek food ever) and squid heads.

Saturday morning saw Beukes, CollegeInstructor and I heading off to Cats Digital for their sale. Although I'm not urgently looking for a tv (there are plenty of other things that need buying first) I figured if there's a sale on I should at least go and consider bumping it up a position or two on my list ... Well Cats Digital was not the place for that. To say it was chaos would be an understatement. I'm not really sure what was actually on sale there either (from all the empty shelves) and there were people queuing around two sides of the place. It is not the sort of shopping environment I thrive in ... I walked in, struggled my way around the place and walked straight out.

And then we went for a nice breakfast at Doppio Zero. Well "nice". Their breakfast food is fast losing appeal for me, although I still like the restaurant. And after that, I went for a wander around a few of the shops nearby (while Beukes and CollegeInstructor watched rugby highlights) and ended up buying myself a dining room table :) Paha, talk about spur of the moment ... well I guess it was *really*. I've known I wanted a square dining room table since I tried to buy the old one from Varen. And while I've been out couch hunting, I've been keeping my eyes peeled for one that actually appeals (I must admit that I wasn't really sure I'd find one anytime soon since I'd had my heart set on the one Varen had owned ... and that I'd chosen!).

But I walked into Madison's and I saw the most unlikely table (it's a light wood, so not what would usually take my fancy) made from Mango wood. It's not light like pine, and it's got an amazing texture ... I think it's actually the texture that sold it for me! Oh, that and the fact that all the other square 8-seater tables I've seen so far are in the R7000+ range ... and this was a mere R3000 :) I think it's going to look great and now I have my heart set on these white floral cut-out chairs to go with it :) It arrives on Tuesday :)

I had to pop into work for a bit on Saturday afternoon and then later Beukes, CollegeInstructor, MissB and I headed off to O'Hagans to watch the rugby. Honestly I don't think I've actually watched a rugby game since I was dating Bean (although Varen claimed Supersport was a channel he missed out on by not having DSTv, he never once made any effort to actually watch any sport). We had great fun, most especially since the Stormer's were playing (which to be fair is why we actually went to watch) and we're all from Cape Town ... and they won :)

Sunday was a little more crazy busy. Beukes and I headed off early to drop off the recycling (I think I'm slowly converting him ;) ) and to buy more grass for the bunny hutch. And then to PicknPay for some admin shopping. And then we had a browse around at Dion Wired and HiFi Corporation looking at TVs. I think I'm definitely waiting at least a month before I buy a TV. Varen definitely spoilt me with a 42" and now I'm not sure I could buy a mere 32" for myself. And jees but TVs are expensive ... I'd have to be looking at around 10K for a decent 42" :P Yes, I'm definitely waiting a bit before I make that decision.

Later (after cleaning the bunny hutch) Beukes and I popped by the Rosebank Market and then went to look at a few more houses ... and I took him to see the place I'm planning to buy, although I still have yet to see the actual unit :P Finger's crossed for this week because I'm now dead set on the idea.

And after that I headed off to Tony's Bar and Grill for @clairam's SingSong Sunday Sundowner Celebration. It was a blast.

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The Chantal said...

Argh you're making me jealous, buying new furniture, buying property, I so want to do that too, one day *sigh*

Your life always sounds so busy, I don't know how you manage to do so much!

Just curious, what do you do for a living?

I take notes of your book reviews (so keep that up:) checked the library for a couple of the books that sounded appealing, unfortunately they didnt have them but I am reading books by those authors, so it worked out :)

Tamara said...

"SingSong Sunday Sundowner Celebration"? That sounds very interesting and awesome!

AngelConradie said...

Sheesh... and I thought my weekend was full!

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