Friday, February 19, 2010

A Quiet Week?

Seriously, on a week with absolutely not a single evening out planned, I finally got to spend and evening in my pjs at home watching series ... last night!

Monday was SCM Dinner, which was lovely as always :) Tuesday night (as I already mentioned) DJMike came to visit Beukes and I. Wednesday night I ended up going out for an early dinner at Royal Thai with CollegeInstructor and MissB (she's on a mission to try all the Thai places so she can find her favourite!). and after that I headed over to Capello's to have a drink or two with Louisa, Sparrow and a friend of his who's recently moved up from Cape Town.

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I wasn't exactly planning dinner out on Wednesday evening, but CollegeInstructor twisted my rubber arm. And I wasn't too excited by the prospect of Royal Thai either. I have my Thai place, Cranks. I already know I prefer authentic Thai curry to Westernised Thai curry (you know, the stuff that's basically coconut milk soup). But I went along with an open mind and although the venue is not nearly as funky as Cranks, we had a beautiful view of the sunset while sitting outside on a warm Joburg summer evening.

CollegeInstructor ordered a Chicken Satay to start, which was very impressive. Often Chicken Satay can be awful because it ends up being a pathetic amount of not very tender chicken on a stick. This was perfect. The chicken was soft and there was a decent sized portion. I ended up eating alone tho because MissB was running late and I had my drinks plans to get to but, I had their Peanut Butter curry which was divine and more than made up for it. CollegeInstructor ended up ordering the same thing after tasting mine :)

This weekend is looking well-balanced so far with one of the Bookclub Girls' birthday dinners tonight and then @clairam's birthday bash on Sunday. Hopefully there'll be some house shopping as well (I have decided my next purchase will be towels, bathmats and hand towels for the bathroom, now if only I could pick a colour!).

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And *hopefully* the freaking Estate Agent who finally phoned me back on Tuesday will actually get back to me with an appointment to see the place I want to buy. I seriously do not get how they fell no rush to close a deal ... well, the places you're actually interested in. I am getting plenty of calls from people at places I'm not interested in :P Typical.

Oh, and Telkom should be coming round on Monday for installation attempt number 2. Wonder how long after that I'll be able to upgrade to ADSL. Seriously, it annoys me that if you do a self-installation, they can't give you a phone and ADSL line at the same time, you have to get a voice line first and then only apply for an ADSL line once that's in.

ps. It is The Mom's birthday today ... am thinking of you, lovely Mommy :)

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AngelConradie said...

I am often confused by how any businesses in SA manage to make money when they don't get back to prospectivve clients!

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