Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Exciting Times

So I really wanted to blog this morning ... but work got in the way. Blegh, this turned out to be one of those days when you have a whole bunch of stuff to do and although you left everything completely functional the afternoon before, the gremlins got in overnight and now the strangest things are happening and you end up spending most of your day solving issues that aren't really there :P

And that's how the rest of the day has gone too, and it's not ended on a good note either this afternoon. I'm at that point where it's best to just step away from the computer (or blog, hee hee) to ensure that I don't throw the screen across the room in frustration.

Hmmm, there was so much I had to say this morning. Ah yes, I went to see another house yesterday during lunch. I had high hopes for this place, it was like Number 1 on my list. Gorgeous complex, good suburb and an acceptable price. I'll admit I was warned before the viewing ... and it's not what put me off the place (it's more the layout / design of the unit) but I arrive to find a family of five (the 3 kids must've all been under 6 or so) living in this little one-bedroomed unit. Seriously. It's quite insane and really made me think about our individual standards.

I can't help thinking about the poor (in my opinion) wife and mother, she must be around my age and a prime example of what I'd call cultural brain-washing. She spends her days at home in this tiny space with her 3 kids cooking and what not. The Estate Agent had to call her husband to get permission to take me to the place. Is this what she expected of her life? Is she happy with her lot? Does she think it will improve? What are these people working towards or is this enough for them? Me, I get annoyed if it looks like I can't go on an annual international holiday!

It's about perspective I guess. I can't imagine how kiddie 2 and 3 arrived in the first place if they're all there sleeping on one extra large bed (seriously, they had at least 2 beds pushed together in the one bedroom, I dunno how they even got them in there in the first place). Their lounge was completely empty but for metal (almost like filing cabinets) cupboards. Just about every curtain in the house was closed and thick and dark. What are these kids growing up thinking?

And what did this poor woman think having me (I guess there's a little gender-stereotyping here but comparing myself to her) coming in looking to potentially buy the place they can only rent. Sheesh.

*shiver* enough about that now. I have some very exciting (to me) news :) I have started noticing boys again. Okay, I realise that that probably sounds ridiculous, but, for me, when I've been in a long relationship, my brain is not conditioned to weigh up every guy that passes within view (evaluating his looks, asking yourself if he's single and hell, perhaps even flirting a little). I'm not saying I don't notice anyone, but it sort of takes on a different meaning and it takes a little while for this to all come back after a break-up. My personal estimate is around 3 months (and I was pretty spot on actually).

So yeah, it's an exciting time :)

Oh, and I have sort of decided on the unit I'm probably going to buy ... if only the freaking Estate Agent would return my calls :P *potentially more excitement*


AngelConradie said...

I hate when work gets in the way of my plans! :P

Caz said...

seriously you are far too vague and cryptic. WHO are you noticing? and WHO are you flirting with on fb chat. Details woman! :)

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