Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Quiet Evenings Are Just As Fun

Although I didn't go for lunch with my ex-colleagues yesterday (we're onto our 4th postponement now, I think?) and because of such late notice, I didn't have dinner with PerfectOnPaper either (we had a tentative arrangement in the likely event that my lunch got postponed, but by the time I found out he had other plans for the evening ... but we're on for dinner next Tuesday instead), it still turned out to be a pretty awesome day (after work, as mentioned in yesterday's post, it wasn't the ideal work-day).

I finally got hold of the Estate Agent at my *new* Number 1 property (since I have decided I don't want the one I saw on Monday). She's making an arrangement with the tenant so that I can go see the actual unit I'm interested in buying (will hopefully be sometime this week!). Is very exciting, I could very shortly be a home owner. In fact I know I will. I've pretty much decided that I'm buying one of these units, it's now just about picking which one. I am hoping for the last ground floor garden (not really a garden more like a little courtyard where you can have some pot plants, a braai etc. which obviously makes it infinitely more appealing than one with a teeny balcony) unit. But will happily settle on a 1st floor unit if it doesn't meet my standards ... I don't have to live there and as we've already established, not everyone has the same requirements of a home as I do.

And then since Beukes and I were both going to be home last night we invited DJMike around to see our new place (he's been in the UK pretty much since the weekend I moved). We had Nando's for dinner and then sat around on the blue lounge floor drinking wine and catching up :) Good times.

For those of you not up to speed on the story, DJMike and The Peeb were in pre-school together and thru that our family's became friends. Then DJMike and Beukes met and became best friends in primary school ... and that's how we three all fit together :)


Tamara said...

I want a quiet evening! And Nandos. Yum ;-)

So exciting to be buying property!

AngelConradie said...

I'm so sad I haven't seen your place yet...

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