Tuesday, February 02, 2010

It's Eddie Izzard Day

Yay, yay, it's Eddie Izzard day :)

Yesterday feels like it was a very productive day. Funny how since I moved out Monday evenings are just so much more fun, even when I skip @clairam's Slow-Cooker-Monday Dinners.

Last night I skipped gym too (naughty), but after being a beautifully sunny day, the rain was back and I just wasn't in the mood. Also, I spent some of the time I should've been at gym a little more productively, I was on the phone with Telkom ordering my voice line (which they have to install and then I can upgrade to an ADSL line ... since I want to do a "self-installation" ... whatever that is, but the guys at work assure me it's the way to go :) ) So yes, there will be a purchase of a wireless router at some point in my future too. And I'm looking forward to signing up with Afrihost as well, I can't pass up their amazing R29/Gb offer!

And once that's all done I'll buy myself one of those cool Ladder Desk's from Mr Price Home. And I figure at the same time they're delivering that I might as well get them to deliver my Brooklyn 3-seater couch ... I've looked around at other couches, but I really can't find anything that grabs me more than that one, so I think I will have to take the plunge :) But the way I figure it I may as well get both delivered at once ... so not sure when exactly it'll all come together.

Perhaps I should be taking bets on when you all think Telkom will show up to install my line. I have my heart set on before the end of the week. I have faith ;) Haha.

Also last night CollegeInstructor came round to say hi and I ended up cooking us dinner ... nothing too fancy, just some scrambled eggs (I was desperate to use my new pan! Which I love, by the way) and I introduced him to the comedy genius of Eddie Izzard. As if I couldn't be excited enough about today's impending performance :)


Tamara said...

Enjoy the show! Can't believe your new neighbour hadn't experienced the joys of Mr Izzard!

Those ladder desks are awesome.

Anonymous said...

ooh, enjoy the cross-dresser!!! we've got tickets for sunday!

Anonymous said...

ooh, hope you enjoy Eddie Izzard. He is brilliant

AngelConradie said...

It sounds like you are uber-organised!

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