Friday, February 26, 2010

The Stuff Weeks Are Made Of

I know, I know, you'd think with how busy I am lately I'd be blogging more than twice or three times a week. But life is life and there's not always so much to say.

Don;t get me wrong, this week was as busy as they've all been with SCM Dinner on Monday night, a movie with CollegeInstructor on Tuesday, Poker with the girls on Wednesday night (where I had yet another shocking game, I think I have lost my poker mojo :( ) and then finally I got to spend a night of nothing last night. Well, not a night of nothing, rather a night of not-going-out. Beukes & I ended up spending the evening making dinner (a variety of hamburgers, vegetarian with cream cheese and avo from my ingredients and crumbed chicken breast on whole wheat rolls from his - it was yummy!) and then lay outside smoking my new hubbly for the very first time.

I'm sure I've said before that as much as I despise the smoking of cigarettes, I definitely enjoy a good hubbly every so often (folks, don't get worried, it's not even something that happens weekly!). And Bean and I brought one back from Egypt ... but he kept it when we broke up. And Varen and I bought one too, but it was chipped and so I just left it behind when I left there too. And now, I've gone all independent and bought my own one. And I love it. It's all black, with a screw in base (I could never get those rubber stopper ones in properly!) and has two red pipes. Freaking awesome. So yeah, we lit it up, sat on a blanket outside (there'll be no smoking of any sort inside the house) chatting and relaxing until it became unbearably cold (I tell you, by 9pm there was a thin sheen of dew on everything already!).

And although I didn't get to watch any series, it was still a very awesome weekend :)

And this weekend is no less busy than usual either! I have after-work drinks (which I'm hoping will be tamer than the last few weeks) and then I'm off to Movida for the first time with some of the Bookclub girls. Tomorrow I am doing a Dream Mapping and Goal Setting Workshop with my Poker-buddy, The Fairy Godmother - I am so excited about this! And then am off to a braai at MissB's with CollegeInstructor and Beukes.

On Sunday I have to collect some specially ordered cupcakes from Angel because Monday is my Cake-Day at the Office. This year we're not bringing cake for our birthdays, instead we've got to pick a day to celebrate during the year and bring cake for that ... and then send an email out to everyone with more information on why the day is important to us. I chose International Polar Bear Day (which is on Saturday 27th Feb).

Hope you all have a fabulous 2 days break and see y'all back here again on Monday :)


Tamara said...

Will the cupcakes have polar bears on them? That would be super cool

Louisa said...

Hahahaha, I can't imagine you smoking anything! This I have to see...

AngelConradie said...

The polar bear cupcakes were great fun to do.

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