Monday, March 01, 2010

Good Balance

Good Morning all :)

Wow, what a weekend. And yes, it involved everything I thought it would on Friday, and a bit more even.

The weekend started with after-work drinks which were very tame compared with the last few weeks, I think we were out of there by 6pm. And then I headed home and faffed around eating dinner and reading the magazines I'd bought for my workshop the next day. And then at 9pm I met up with Bert and J9 and we went to Movida with some friends. Now to be fair I hadn't been there before and at 9pm the place is *quiet*. But eventually it does warm up ... I'm so with Jenty on this one, I just can't get my mind around sitting at home waiting to go out somewhere so late. And if I go out for dinner beforehand I'm generally not in the mood to go out somewhere else after. Well, I haven't been in a long time ... I guess it'll start coming back to me now as I get into the single swing of things. Movida seems like a pretty cool place, decor-wise, but I'm definitely not back in the swing of clubbing yet ...

I left pretty early, around 00h30 and headed home to get some rest before my full day workshop on Saturday. I was up bright and early and even made myself a breakfast of scrambled eggs before heading off to The Fairy Godmother's Dream Setting and Goal Mapping workshop. I will say that I had a lot of fun and it is was a well-spent day, but I arrived already knowing what my dream was ... and now I just have to figure out the really hard part, the getting it. I want to build my own house (not me there with bricks & mortar, but you know what I mean). I've wanted it since I started designing it in my travel-diary while traveling around Southern Africa in 2004. I can see bits of it in my head ... although I'm not exactly sure how they fit together. My biggest thing to overcome is where I want to build it, Cape Town or Joburg. My gut says Cape Town, Noordhoek maybe? But, who knows where life takes us ... So anyway, it was nice to get clearer on some of the things I want for my house and hopefully start making it more real to me (although I can picture parts of it in my head, I don't think about it too often because it mostly depresses me because it seems so unattainable). What was also truly incredible for me on this workshop was watching other people realise their dreams and goals and how different they all are. Anyway, if any of this piques your interest, I would recommend it.

And after that I raced off to join CollegeInstructor and Beukes at MissB's for a braai (in her brand new braai!). We had an awesome evening, the braai didn't collapse (although the boys are convinced that weber included some 'spare parts') and the food didn't burn :) And then we stupidly decided to head off to Billys for some dancing. The stupid part was Billys, not the dancing. Eurgh, it was horrible. Not at all how I remembered it (but let's be honest it has been *years*). Needless to say we didn't stay too long.

And on Sunday, Sunday I blissfully did almost nothing! I read in bed, Angel came by and dropped off my cute cupcake order, and then Beukes and I lazed in the shade reading our books. Eventually CollegeInstructor emerged and we headed off for some sushi (I had been craving it for a while) and then I cam home and relaxed some more. It was a perfect way to spend a Sunday!

Ps. Telkom is supposed to be installing my phone line today (3rd time lucky?) and I found out on Friday that my dining-room table isn't even in the country yet ... it's out floating on a ship in a container somewhere :P Oh, and I still have not heard a word from that useless Estate Agent. Charmed, as you can imagine.


AngelConradie said...

Ooh- the Fairy Godmother is apparently going to be the MC at the Feather Awards!

Tamara said...

Those cupcakes are gorgeous.

Sounds like a busy weekend. Do we get to hear more about this dream house?

Caz said...

those cakes look GORGEOUS!!!
sucks that @angel is in JHB :(

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