Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Panic stations

Nothing much happening ... except mild panic has set in. I handed all my documents over to the Bond Originator yesterday morning. Sigh. I hate things like this that are totally out of my control, there's nothing more I can do. I have to let it go, and accept the outcome (I guess I'm less positive about these things because it's happened before, when I was trying to get a 2nd bond while I still owned the place with Bean, and got rejected). And that's eating away at my brain :( I keep trying to tell myself that hopefully last time it was cause they didn't want me having *two* bonds at the same time ... but who really knows! I think I'll be absolutely devastated if the bond doesn't get granted!

Went to SCM Dinner last night :) Woke up sweaty at 3h30 this morning. Was weird. (Worry, no doubt). And today's weather is all overcast but not very cool. Hope it rains soon! Mom's nearly here, can't wait! And my couch arrived yesterday :) Although it's hardly useful at this stage ... just sitting on it, staring at a blank wall, is pretty pointless if you ask me. But still, it's arrived and I love it :)


Gino S said...

I hope you get the approval you are looking for. Since 2007, the banks have become more cautious with their lending.
Although, they are still willing to offer up to 100% bonds.

But don't stress. I'm sure you are in a better position to service the new bond repayments so you shouldn't have a problem :)

Anonymous said...

I would be a bundle of nerves!!

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