Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Amazing Monday

Wow, if ever there was a good Monday, where things went right, it was yesterday (I know, I'm surprised to be typing that too!). And no, they didn't go 100% according to plan, but by the end of the day, all had worked out swimmingly.

Firstly I sorted out my bill dispute with Telkom (they'd started charging me for my adsl before it was working ... someone had verified the account :P). Here's hoping that the last of my woes with them are over ... at least for a while :)

Secondly I paid my bond registration fees and made an appointment to go and sign the documents today. Yes, I know, it has taken *ages*. First of all it took close to forever to get all the bond approvals by the 4 major banks (although I still went with the first one I got from FNB) and then when I was ready I had to wait again for the seller to sort out that the rates, taxes etc. were all paid up. But now that's all been done and today I sign. And then hopefully things start to speed up a little ...

Thirdly, I found the baby photo I've been looking for to use on my 30th BDay invites :)

And lastly, I finally (it's been at least 3 weeks now!) got the rest of my dining room chairs. Oh lord but that was an effort in patience. Boardmans Design Quarter is now super in my bad books and I won't be back there for a while. First of all it took them 3 weeks to get this all sorted. And there were moments there where I wasn't even sure they'd actually ordered the rest of my chairs from their other branches (seriously, *3 weeks* ?). But then on Saturday I got a call saying they were all there. Fabulous. And did I want them assembled? Yes please! Unfortunately I couldn't make it there on Sunday, so I made an effort to get there after work yesterday. Only to find out that yet again the person who'd organised the chairs for me was not there. So first there was a mad scramble to find out if my chairs were there and then where the hell they were. But they did eventually find them ... in pieces, completely unassembled. To which I was asked if I'd paid for them yet? Well no, but then wtf ask me if I wanted them assembled in the first place. And then they started assembling them and the 2 guys were putting them together differently and I started to have a major freak out. Which of course they did nothing about. Who on earth told service people that soothing noises is all you need to do to appease an irate customer? Sigh.

But, eventually I did make it out of there (did I mention when it came time to pay their systems were offline?!?! Yes, it's amazing that all the Boardmans staff made it home in one piece that day), with my little Citroen C2 stuffed to the brim with chairs (can you believe I fitted all 6 in there!) and are now at home around my dining room table. Yayness. We can forget all about the bad stuff now :)

And the evening was finished off with a truly delish SCM Dinner. Here's hoping next Monday goes just as well, if not better ;)

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tanyadeville said...

table and chairs look awesome!

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