Monday, April 19, 2010

Something Old and Something New

This time next week, I'll be celebrating my 30th birthday. Wow. Thirty. It's hard to imagine I'm that old already, but I'm in a very good place and not in the least fussed about this momentous birthday, which I think is the most awesome sign of where my life is right now. I mean I could be freaking out about being single at 30, to be honest when I was still dating Varen I thought I would be freaking out if I found myself single at 30, but no, instead I am filled with peace and hope and a lightness of being that I can't remember feeling for a very long time. Life is good these days :)

And it was a good weekend too. Friday was pretty quiet with an extra trip to work (meh, these things always happen right before a project is about to go live and they start really picking up all the problems!!). On Saturday I went to a friend's kitchen tea. I'll be honest and say I've been to very few of these sorts of things in my time (usually I go to weddings of friends in Cape Town and there's a quick weekend jaunt down there for the wedding which definitely doesn't include an additional trip for the bachelorette's or kitchen tea). So I'll be honest and say I don't really get these sorts of things, especially not the game-playing type. Although I understand why they do it (you have a whole bunch of friends and 2 families all of which probably don't know each other all that well and I guess you need to get them interacting somehow ... ?) but honestly, that's not really my idea of a fun time. It was nice to see my friends and the food was delish tho (and there was no talk of babies or baby-poo colour, @beagle_momma, so *definitely* better than the one you went to ;) I'll take the games over that any day!). I am looking forward to the bachelorettes tho.

After that I headed home and Nandocas (I have decided to rename PerfectOnPaper, since that nickname is from about 6 years ago and no longer seems appropriate) came to collect me and the two of us headed off to Maropeng to get a look at the Sediba Fossils on display.

It was pretty cool to see and I know The Peeb is green with envy now ;) We ended up being the last people there because we sat chatting watching the sunset and the beautiful view. It's is such a lovely place, and if you haven't been yet, I really recommend you do.

The evening didn't get any more exciting than that tho, although I really did intend to go out. By the time Beukes got home I'd fallen asleep reading my book ... haha.

And it was just as well because on Sunday I was up and at Louisa's daughter's christening at 9am. And no, clearly I didn't burst into flame upon entering the church (yes, I was a little surprised by that too - haha!). It was quite a surreal experience I must say tho. Not only have I not been in a church for an actual service in probably 10years or more, but I've certainly not been in an Afrikaans church. I spent most of the time giggling in my head whenever they refered to the Holy Geese ... (okay, maybe that one is just me, but seriously, when I see Heilige Gees, all I think of is Holy Geese. That's supposed to be Holy Ghost for those of you who don't praat the taal). Was lovely to see TheSparrow, RubyLetters, Arkwife et al, AngelsMind & Glugster and Doodles & TSC.

After that I had to dash back to work to get some more stuff sorted out before today and then I managed to get back in time to join them again for lunch at The Grill Shop. A very very looong lunch. Louisa, Ruby, TheSparrow and myself (along with Squishy) ended up only leaving there to go join up with more tweet-peeps at Angelo's Kitchen for dinner. Got home around 8pm ... almost a full 12hours after leaving that morning ;) It was a lovely day with plenty of laughs and lovely friends.

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akika said...

I can't wait for you to open your pressie! I'm so excited! I think you should call me so that I can be on the phone with you when you do. Unless you're going to do it before 5 in the morning. In which case, you're on your own.

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