Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Post-Birthday Post

So the rest of the birthday was awesome. Even tho I had to work ... and that included an hour & half of over time (was very not impressed at the time!). But the day was filled with wishes from all sorts of friends over all kinds of media (how did we manage without twitter & facebook, let alone a cellphone!).

When I got home I opened my amazingly colour-coded gift from the Peeb (every item was red) with her on the phone. Most of the rest of my gifts have arrived straight into my bank account, which makes sense when you live in a whole different province.

I went to the usual SCM Dinner on Monday evening which was great fun and then still ended up going out again afterwards to Corner House.

Yesterday was a blur of sleeping and series and movies. I'm sure a lot of that was equally due to the weather (cold and damp). Horror of horrors, I ended up falling asleep at 18h15! I know, quite the party animal ;) Although it does all seem to balance out.

I watched Charlie Barlett, which I'm sure I've seen before. Is not Robert Downey Jnr's crowning moment, but seriously, I can NOT wait for Iron Man 2 to come out :)

Otherwise quite a fun movie.

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