Monday, April 12, 2010

Let the Games Begin!

Wow, suddenly I realise that this last weekend was quite quiet ... but so much of fun actually :)

On Friday just *just* before I left work I finally worked up the courage to put in my matches from the Speed Dating (I had 4 people hoping to match with me). I honestly think that part was more nerve-wracking than the actual Speed Dating! I ended up only ticking 2 guys. And I got a match with one of them. Now to wait and see if he gets in touch, I guess ...

So after my 2 late week-nights, I decided to have a lazy Friday night at home watching Series, which was just what I needed! And then I had great plans to get all sorts of admin done on Saturday morning ... which went by the way-side when Coal decided she wasn't in the mood to come out and play when the bunnies were let out for their run-around. And then after keeping an eye on her in between showering and what not, and realising she was acting all sleepy and disinterested, I had a minor panic and rushed all 3 off to the vet.

Let me explain, they'd put ant-poison around the house on Thursday afternoon. Not too close to the bunnies, but Coal had been digging and found an ants nest and I was worried she might've eaten some ants with poison in their system or something. Plus after the Bell & Henna experience with the Encephalitozoonosis parasite, I wasn't taking any chances!

Naturally by the time we got to the vet Coal had perked up :P And I'll tell you it was a complete mission to get all 3 of them into the cat box now that they're all fully grown! Anyway, Coal got a mild broad-spectrum anti-biotic and all 3 got dosed up with Panacur (a dewormer) again.

Then I got them home and managed to get to the Telkom shop before it closed. I lodged a formal complaint about my Telkom experience thus far (will have to dedicate a *whole* blog-post to the dreadful experience I'm having, but needless to say I *still* do not have internet at home) and to lodge a dispute about my bill because apparently (I learnt on Sunday) someone already verified my line which means they've started charging me for the adsl I have yet to get working :P Charmed.

I don't remember how the rest of the afternoon was spent but i went grocery shopping and made some delish baked Pasta for dinner :) And then Beukes, DJMike and I headed for Red Room. None of the usual crowd was there, but the 3 of us had an awesome time dancing the night away! (or snoozing on one of the couches in DJMike's case ... in his defense he'd had about 2hrs sleep the night before!) Have I mentioned how fun it is being single. I love the fun of spotting a guy and wondering if he'll speak to you and engineering your group to end up dancing next to theirs etc. Nothing really happened, but I'm having fun :) It's just exciting to have your eye on someone and wonder at the potential and does he like me and all that crap (I feel like I'm back in high school - haha).

We got home about 3am and Sunday was very *very* lazy.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the bunnies are fine :)

Tamara said...

So nice to see bunny pics again. And glad they're all fine - better safe than sorry.

Once again, your Telkom experience sounds almost exactly like mine! I hate the fact that they screw so many people around and seem to get away with it.

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