Friday, April 30, 2010

It's All About Balance

So my 365 Project is on Day 5 already and although I'm not sharing the link here with you, I thought I would share some of the cute bunny photo's that haven't made the cut.

I know, there isn't one of Coal here, but she was too busy digging up the garden :P That's where she spends most of her free time. She's crazy like that. Honestly, I think I must get her spayed ... if one of the other two goes near her or her burrow she gets quite agro and fur flies!

Lily was been such a poser last night, usually it's Rex I get the most photos of. I did manage to get one of him playing with the picnic blanket tho. Coal & Lil used to burrow under it but now Lil & Rex just like to push over the corners. It's quite cute :) Oh, and then there's the one of him chewing on the corner of my Smartie box (all part of my red-gift from The Peeb). Such a funny (not-so) little boy.

Not much else has been happening, I've had a rather quiet week at home. But I've learnt to take those when I can and enjoy getting into my pjs at 18h30 and watching series or reading my book. It's going to be a stark contrast to my weekend, after all!

I am off to after-work drinks later for someone's farewell and then it's DJMike's birthday drinks (hopefully with some dinner!) this evening. Tomorrow will be a crazy day of organising and then the first of my six 30th Birthday Parties. This one is a Cheese & Wine with the work crowd (there were too many of them for a sit-down dinner). Am really looking forward to it :) And then on Sunday am off to the Chinese Market with some of the Bookclub Girls. Should be fun :)

And then I realised last night that I had planned to start my new gym routine on Monday (I haven't really been in about 2 months!). But I had planned on a before-work gym-visit and these chilly mornings have really made me question my dedication. I will give it a bash, at least for a week (maybe?) and see how it goes. Maybe it'll be invigorating, but I doubt it.


Louisa said...

Aaaw, beautiful bunny photos. :-)

ExMi said...

that first pic is so cute :)

Tamara said...

Awesome bunny pics!

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