Monday, May 10, 2010

More Weekend Stuffs

Mkay, I know, I know last week was a terrible blogging week by me. And it wasn't that nothing happened exactly, it was just I wasn't in a writing mood. And now I can't remember what happened. I know I had poker at my house on Wednesday evening and that was great fun. I didn't get back into my new gym routine after Tuesday (late nights kill these early morning sessions!) and the weather sure hasn't helped at all either (especially this morning!). And I did get my tire fixed :)

On Friday we left work early and headed to my manager's house for a team-braai. Which was pretty cool. We ended the evening watching Role Models. Which was more amusing than I was expecting, but otherwise a completely average formulaic movie. Ideal for a tired Friday night.

Saturday was a little crazy, had one of those admin weekends where you drive between 50 million different shopping malls and when you get home you realise how many things you still didn't get done. I'd say most of my day was spent looking for parking :P Seriously! As Loulou said when I bumped into her, it's like a rained-out public holiday in the malls.

Later it was off to J9-double0blonde's house for a bachelorette party she was throwing. This was much more fun than the kitchen tea a few weeks back :) (even with the games - haha). And then the bachelorette girls went to Movida and I headed off to RR. Which turned out to be a fun night (definitely better than last week, but not better than the pre-birthday weekend). Sheesh, I have been 30 for 2 weeks already!

Sunday was lazy till about midday then filled with disappointing admin because so many shops seemed to close at 2pm (what is that about?!?). And then I climbed back into bed and finished my book and watched Wall-E (yes, I haven't seen it yet!). Meh, it was okay, kinda cute. But I can't understand why someone would watch it more than once.

And this morning was just a disaster. Was woken by the thunder & lightning at 2am and managed to get the tarp over the bunnies (using my sneaky broom-stick-thru-the-window) and back to sleep. Was pouring again when I woke up early for gym so set my alarm forward and went back to sleep again. Finally woke up at normal time only to discover there was no electricity. So showered by candle-light (not the worst start to the morning ... I'd rather have the electricity out than no hot water!!). And then when it was finally time to leave, phoned the land-lady about the gate (she promised us a key for manual mode after the last time we got stuck inside with no electricity) ... apparently they were struggling to switch it to manual mode and blah blah clearly the electrician didn't come last time because the battery is supposed to last for 2-3 days (excuses excuses, always excuses). Anyway, so I sat around inside waiting for about 15 mins till they got it sorted and I could finally leave the property and get to work. Awesomeness. And now the sun seems to be peeking thru the clouds. Here's hoping the day improves ;)

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Anonymous said...

Haha, also woke up at 2:00AM because of the weather. Luckily I'd pulled the tarps over my bunny hutches last night before going to bed, so at least I didn't have to run around in the rain to get it sorted :-)

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